The end?

The Aristocats! By Disney

Well, it might be, but it might not be!!! Some things won’t be finished, others have been. Life is like that. Never ending circles (ooooh!!! Another Disney movie!!!!).

Here in EO, the sound of illegal fireworks are causing dogs to bark and car alarms to go off. (or is that the neighbor’s high powered car with the missing muffler) The circle of life in the rural bits of America!!!

Meanwhile, the babies are growing. In just days they’ve gotten fur and are sooooo cute! (for being fuzzy animated jelly beans with legs!) Future food has never been so adorable!! Little Bear is being so responsible! He’s measuring food and making sure the adults are eating properly and purchasing things to help the bunnies become the best brood bunnies ever.

Made delightful garlic cheese rolls again and we’ll have the rest for dinner in a couple of days. Tonight was a stir fry that took way too much time and hilarious personal ring cakes. Those are a dessert from Norway and well, the molds for the rings are not in my cupboards and the size of the cake was a bit daunting. So, made itty bitty donuts using a keto recipe and coconut flour. Not sure what I did wrong, but they were not exactly right. Which worked!! Ring cakes are a tad flat and since the donuts were a tad flat, they stacked very well!! The low sugar inside the donut was overshadowed by the powdered sugar glaze outside. Not photos of those, but they were not too bad at all!!! They were supposed to have mini chocolate chips in them. Alas, the batter was thin and when I poured it out into the donut wells in my donut baking pan, the chips stayed in the bottom of the bowl!! So, the last few I made were THICK with chocolate chips. Those were VERY good!!! lol (I‘ll see if I can still take a couple of photos and add them to my next post.)

Something VERY cool happened, too. Mum had a task she’d not finished. With a lot of help, it was completed. Let me ‘splain. She had a doll she was going to mend and never got around to it. The owner was one of mom’s handicapped friends and she called mom every week for years. In each call, she’d ask mom about the doll. Well, a friend up north kept the doll I’d mended and found how to get it to the girl/lady. Was sent a photo and it made me cry. So thankful that is done!!

To end the year, talked to a financial person who suggested using the cash from mom’s house to pay bills and put into investments. So, today, paid off a large bill for an MRI and am paying for therapy sessions. The therapist is going to teach my body how to move again. Absolutely looking forward to that!!! In the paper she gave me with questions to answer, there were many that made me realise how often shortcuts are taken so hurt is avoided.

Also read a couple of anthologies with GREAT illustrations. OK, the anthologies were hit or miss with greatness, but some were very good. The illustrations made up for it. One is about cats and the other fun fairy tale like stories. The images would make good tats, probably!!!

So, I reckon it is now the end!! Thank you to all my wonderful friends in here. You, once again, have helped make a year of being alone less lonely!!! May your next months be full of beauty and goodness and when those hard bits happen, may they eventually burst out into lovely.

Dec 29, 2017 Cook Inlet AK

9 thoughts on “The end?

  1. Wow! I love the job you did to mend that doll! So cute. Please take care and may 2021 given you mobility and good health Kris. It is a blessing to know you on WP and your chats and encouragement always hold dear to Garfield and I. Have a worry free 2021 and heaps of Garfield hugs. May your brood of bunnies grow strong and fast.

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