Surrounding the Holidays

From wrapping gifts to checking out the nativity, cats are always putting in the best paw. (Especially like Mittens and her glowing green and yellow eyes under the tree lights!)

Even the squirrel enjoyed the feasts set before them. (Even if the feasts were supposed to be for the birds!!!)

The one hanging on the tube feeder hand it figured out. He’d hook his claws around the wire for the lid. One of the others never quite got it and kept sliding down. The theory was that they’d not be able to get to these feeders, but they jumped from the porch to the metal stand or shimmied up the metal pole!! It is fun to watch them look around to see how to go about getting a snack!

Christmas was not bad at all. The guys completely enjoyed the two large gifts they were given and mine were nice. Having a sock full of kit kats was sweet, but the power bars I’d mentioned were on sale would have been more logical! Little Bear actually pulled out the stops with a lovely glass cutting board, Amazon gift card in a HUGE box, and flower bulbs. The latter was entirely sweet, loved the note with them (he also got me caramel corn, but it will keep til a low glucose!). The Craftsman finally finished, the day after Christmas, a bannister so my getting upstairs will hopefully be easier. It’s a project he’s been working on for almost a decade. Finishing things is a positive way to end a year!! He also got me a battery operated vest to help me stay warm. He’s taking it back for a larger one, he forgot I wasn’t a medium sized person anymore. He also found a cute pair of sparkly stud earrings. They are the tiniest flowers ever! My personal gifts to me were my watch and a book. The socks were too large (how a person can purchase themselves socks that are too big is beyond me, but doable!!).

It is soo pretty now!!!

The BEST present was Little Bear’s bunny who actually was pregnant. Christmas Day she began exhibiting what was called hay stashing. They collect every speck of straw or hay they can find and stuff their faces til it looks like they have a hay moustache and then fill their nest box. I had gone out on Boxing Day (St. Stephen’s Day) because I’d had a dream she’d had 6 or 7 kits and discovered she’d also started pulling hair. Her water dish was full of fur!! I came in and told Little Bear she’d need new water and he was surprised. He’d gone out a few hours before and she was hanging around the box and not doing much. So, he went back out and found she had given birth to 7 tiny blobs of bunny! They will gain fur over a few days, which will be a good idea. It is really not very nice out there!!! Freezing rain, snow, and a lot of wind has been the norm for the last two days. Now, he needs to help keep the winter kits alive til they are large enough to grow up on their own til the majority join freezer camp in mid spring. So glad he’s got rabbits and not cows!! He puts a lot of care into feeding these hoppers and measuring out a half cup of pellets is way less stressful than a bucket full of grains!!

5 thoughts on “Surrounding the Holidays

  1. I like the idea of a new cutting board. I had a glass one once but I found it irritating when the knife would slip and the screaching noise was produced. I would like one day to have my own place and have an old fashioned Chinese cutting board. A cross section of a tree. I’d also like to become stilled in using a Chinese meat cleaver.

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