Lovin’ It and Hope

One of the nicest things about a time of giving is being able to give! When mom died and I had a portion left of some money us girls got, I bought gifts for Christmas. This year, I did the same thing. (Now, this may sound like I’m trying to look good, but it isn’t. I’m just thankful!) Little Bear wanted a certain hat and books on rabbits, so those are under the tree (ok, he did get one bunny book early and is completely fascinated. The Belgian rabbit was brought over to the US in 1888 and they took off with clubs and breeders, but are now considered rare!). The Craftsman wanted a warm work vest and listens to audio books, so those items are under the tree. Was also excited that all three books ordered for Christmas Eve have arrived! (We used to have Santa gifts in the house, but I opted to just do Christmas Eve books instead. I think it is Iceland that does that. Much easier and more fun..although, there are two small boxes of Lego bricks wrapped, as well!) I’ve made the guys mad, because there really isn’t anything I want this year besides the ipad or the laptop and those are WAY too expensive for them to choose for me. I’d mentioned I really didn’t want kitchen things this year, my kitchen was too crowded. Little Bear remarked that I needed a new can opener and when my nose crinkled, he said my Christmas kitchen gifts were things they wouldn’t use, so it was ok to gift them to me. They’d use a can opener, so they’d just get that. I laughed!!!

 The Craftsman is working on one of those library boxes that is put up next to a sidewalk. I was with him when he was purchasing clear material for door windows. Many of mom’s books were put into little book kiosks along hiking trails. (Never quite understood why books could be found along hiking trails, but they were restocked with romances and mysteries and even cookbooks every week!) I’d love to add to the world a few of mine, I’d even order some specifically to give away!!! Giving is one of my favorite things! It is lovely I can afford to this year. He’s also almost done with a bannister he’s been working on for close to a decade!

Pretzel Faces!!!!!

Made cookies and candy coated pretzels and need to make more. They don’t last long when they get passed on to others. Will also purchase some flowers to give to the neighbors. One of the local stores has bunches for $5. Sealed up quite a few Christmas cards this week, some of the cards that need special letters are not yet done. Those should be completed this weekend. Sent off a package to Strider full of treats (not for him, he says he won’t eat sweets anymore. However, his roommates will!!) and Tillamook cheese and beef sticks (which he WILL eat!). Was also able to purchase him books from Amazon. Unfortunately, with the weather on the East Coast, his holiday gifts may be extended a bit into the 12 days of Christmas! No matter, it was super wonderful to be able to purchase them. The Craftsman got him a power tool. Unfortunately, the power is from a lithium battery and mailing those requires a lot of paperwork. However, I’ll get that out next week, after the appropriate pages are printed off and affixed to the box. Apparently, once the paperwork is completed, the box will only cost about 20 dollars to mail. A single battery purchased by itself is generally over 75$, so it is a good move. Crazy, but good.

Just got another package of things for the kid today. He’s been getting scratches from his rabbits and wanted Kevlar sleeves like he saw on the arms of a woman who has a rabbitry in OR. They came and I was completely confused. They SAY Kevlar on the fingerless sleeves, but they look and feel like socks with holes for the heel and no toes! I thought they’d be similar to leather or something. They fit The Craftsman, so maybe they’ll be ok. We’ll have to see. (At least they will slip easily into the kid’s Chrsitmas stocking!) He also caught a possum last night. It was lurking around the rabbit cages. Usually rabbits aren’t fair game for these scavengers, but caged bunnies are like meshed taste treats. The fanged marsupials have been known to climb up and bite off bunny feet..which isn’t very lucky, if you are the rabbit! Possum are not a very pretty creature, but they are fascinating. They hiss and growl and have five fingers and toes and very very sharp teeth!! He may let it go out near the creek going through town, but they are supposed to have a territory of 30 acres, so that is a LOT of ground one of these will cover! However, I feel skeptical of that particular stat since one of the things about possum is that they tend to hide like someone during a political survey and refuse to be counted! Little Bear and his dad are taking it across the hiway and into the fields outside of town. Relocation and hopefully, no returning!!

Couldn’t find the flowers I was looking for, so purchased tulip and daffodil bulbs for the neighbors, instead. Dead and yet alive. Tucking hope into today’s soil for tomorrow’s blooms. Perfect for the end of 2020. 

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