Back in the 70’s, again.

Back in the 70’s, again. No, not talking about television (‘Welcome back, Kotter’ or ‘Emergency!’ or the original animal show of ‘Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom’). Definitely not talking about clothing (hot pants and bell bottoms were nice, but no no no!). Not thinking about the politics (speaking of, what was so great about the past that we want to get America back there again?) or those most adorable Volkswagen beetles. This week, our temps went from freezing to the 70’s again!! So, since my debit card is still not in my possession, I opted to work outside instead of going shopping! (Alaska house is still pending, too)

A neighbor told me she ended up getting a dumpster to clean out her iris beds. I don’t want to throw them all away, but they are in serious need of work. However, the yellow flowers are finally cleaned up.  The bed needs smoothed and the best rhizomes need put back. Unfortunately, there is still the burgundy bed to dig up. The ground is so dry. I had assumed that the rain we had might loosen things some. Alas, there are too many grass roots and very little of the soil was moistened by the crazy rain and odd snow bits we had last week. I have an entire garbage can full of heavy roots and broken rhizomes. Sincerely hoping The Craftsman can help me this weekend. Not betting on it, we never did go for a ride anywhere together last weekend. No matter, I’ll do what I can. (I did get VERY dirty on Thursday, although you can’t really tell.)

The kid is going to avoid town on Saturday because of Halloween. He’ll go up to the mountains, but I reminded him if he comes back, he’ll need to be careful of wandering trick or treaters. On a usual year, kids are out and about all over town from about 4 til 9pm. With this Halloween on a Saturday and with a full moon, he may decide to stay all night up in the mountains and return on Sunday with Day Light Savings Time. (except he just remembered he has to work on Sunday afternoon!!) Covid hasn’t really done too much disruption in town. Truck or Treat is still happening and I think I just heard yells and cheering from the local HS football field this evening. I also saw advertisements for coaches when I was at the post office. Basketball, I think.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I so do love dressing up. I’ll be doing well if I find a silly shirt to wear this year! Since I’ll only be answering the door and passing out candy (and maybe glow sticks), basic attire is the fashion. Maybe I’ll make cookies and wear a skirt and apron! (late 50’s?)  I believe I have some glow stick charms that I’ve been thinking might make a good pair of earrings, too…..I’ll look into that. I did discover the tiny punkins The Craftsman purchased are pumpkin pie punkins, so as soon as this holiday is over, I’ll cook the three down for freezing and eating later. Fun fun fun!!!

If you were alive in the 70’s, what do you remember best? If you were still a twinkle in your parent’s eye, do you have a TV show from then that you watch in reruns?

Frosted Japanese Lanterns

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