On Sunday’s Eve

I’m pretty tired tonight. For the first time in ages, I was able to feel well enough to work i the yard. But, it was too much all at once. The iris bed of yellow and burgundy flowers needed to be thinned years ago. Not being in the area, I didn’t do it. This spring, they were already growing. Didn’t have the heart to hurt them by moving them. Anyway, I got most of the patch of yellows done. The ground is pretty solid underneath the grass and the grass is stuck hard in the rhizomes. (Life is often like that. Crowded roots hinder growth and aggressive weeding is needed to let in light and those things we need to survive.) The rhizome below has grass roots woven in with iris ones. Messy.

I also found a few surprises in the yard. Violets (not many, but a few!!) blooming, ladybirds, and bright dandelions!! Odd. That photo has 3 dandelions in it. I shrank it quite a bit, too!! Piffle.

The kid moved a pregnant mantis for me, I learned both sexes of mosquitoes buzz, and that it must be getting chilly because wasps are moving into the basement entryway to rest on the walls. (YIKES!!)

But, I’m tired. On another bright side, I may get to spend a couple of hours with The Craftsman by ourselves on Friday. We might go for a drive. He has the day off, but is helping a local farmer with an unexpected big project. That absolutely needs done before the weather deteriorates. However, there is a hope to spend some time together and that is pretty nice. I think the last time we did something alone (besides sleeping in the same bed) was probably Feb 2018. Or maybe in the fall of last year. You’d think I’d remember when they are so rare!! Silly, Kris. lol Thankfully, sunsets happen a lot more often and are always wonderful!

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