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It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that I love to read. I read a lot of different kinds of books, I read them over and over and over, and I generally theme my reading. October is when I read Hal Bodner’s ‘Bite Club’ (a hilarious gay vampire story) and other supernatural or eerie stories. I had forgotten about a gem I’d stashed on one of my shelves and am glad I pulled it out again.

I like this book (Sirens and other Daemon Lovers) not just because it is full of fascinating short stories, or that it was edited by a favorite author, but because of the introduction. Terri spends almost 12 pages preparing the reader for a dip into the world of fantasy and eroticism. She talks about where many stories might have originated and how they evolved over time. She discusses authors and artists who dabbled in fairy where it was safe. Kind of like today where it is quite ok to show orc blood on a screen by the bucket full in a PG13, but not ok at all to show human blood. (Still not sure how Disney got away with that when Edmund was stabbed by the White Witch). Terri is educating her audience and I do hope many of those who purchased this book did read her intro. I always read everything, even the table of contents when there are words!

I think one of the best things about returning to the PNW is my library. The kitchen is in the top two, but I missed my favorite books so much! They are old friends waiting to be picked up and enjoyed once more. Friends who don’t care if my mindset isn’t of theirs. Friends who don’t say they want me to be myself while trying to mold me into their pattern. Friends I can pick up at a moment’s notice who are exactly where I left them. Friends who don’t judge or change. Friends I can escape into other worlds or countries or homes with. No wonder reading has always been so important as I grew! (yes, there are some on my ereader, but not all of my favorites!) I also can’t use my ereader in the bright sunshine, so in the picture above, I have another favorite author in my hands, Patricia Wrede.

6 thoughts on “Books!

  1. We share a passion for books.
    Looking at your picture the thought of a picture can speak a thousand words comes to mind. It’s all encompassing of what I see in it.
    A huge heart, golden and warm that also has seen too much crap over its lifetime so far. A gaze that is full of appreciation for the simple things, from the battles previously fought. Great wisdom and a light that can’t be finished. 🙏🏼❤️ I’m grateful, blessed and proud to call you my dear souls sister and friend.

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