Cha Cha, Ashes, and Gold!

Going backwards from Sunday’s frustrating news and communications to Saturday’s crazy day which culminated in ashes and a bit of a surprise!

My busy week. Not happening like I’d thought. Which is why I tentatively plan, don’t anticipate things will work out properly, and rarely look forward to things. (I really am a Negative Ninny!!) The Jukebox guy is having serious truck troubles. The people I was going to hire to haul my sister’s things Monday aren’t responding to my texts (I did call and they said they’d decide if it would be easier on Tuesday). My dinner with my friend and her family is changed to a lunch on a totally different day. We may not even meet, since she’s super busy. My sister wants to visit here one of the days my friend suggested. Hopefully, I still have my dentist appointment on Thursday! I was so annoyed, I baked cookies Sunday (the eggless ones) and will make muffins in magical unicorn wrappers. (those turned out to be Kris Rock Cakes..I didn’t hear the timer and kept waiting for it!) A good friend sent me a paper he’d been working on via email. It is 17 pages!!!!!!!! And he wants an opinion. I can’t add tags after WP decides I’m done.. I wonder if I should finish the mostly full bottle of bubbly and fall asleep with last week’s awesome memories. lol 

I miss getting ‘checking on you’ texts from TnT, but I need to manage on my own. (Besides, knowing he has someone nice, is a joy!) And I did get two texts from The Craftsman on Sunday. One was to say the church service in the park was nice. The second was to tell me there were redwing blackbirds in the sunflowers. (I do hope the kid took photos, if he was around.) He even called and I talked for 8 whole minutes before we hung up! (our longest calls this summer have been 37 min..twice. I think I’m fairly boring.)

Saturday, I was outside in the sun for a while. I opened my bottle of bubbly. I cleaned off the dresser my sister wants (it only had Diabetic-y stuff and a couple of other things on it.). I talked to one of my best friends in the world, RLS. (his birthday is Monday-the friend who sent the paper!) I packed up stuff I want for myself, in case my sister or niece wants them. Then, I heard the local stunt plane and dashed outside to watch it twirl and stall. I can tell the pilot has improved a great deal from the first times I watched years ago. I wish I could tell him/her!

I had noticed it might rain on Sunday, so decided to take the ashes on the kitchen counter to the shore. I think they were in mom’s bedroom. I can’t remember! I really wasn’t sure who they belonged to. I was fairly certain we had scattered the rest of dad’s last fall when we did the majority of mom’s. I didn’t know if they were the cat dad liked or a dog mom had taken care of for several years or if they were the man who asked to have his ashes mixed with dad’s because he liked dad. (note: that is just odd. I thought it at the time of initial mixing, too. I’m perfectly ok with same sex relationships in live people. I’m fine with mixing the ashes of relations or pets together. However, it was rather intriguing to learn some guy, only mom knew, wanted to combine ashes with dad!!!) Anyway, as I was dumping them out in the wind and high tide, I heard a metallic noise. I thought it was the little tag that usually accompanies ashes with the date or number or something like that. I stopped pouring and looked down. Nothing, at first, came to my wandering eye. Suddenly, I spied gold. Not the normal fool’s gold found in the rocks of Cook Inlet. I spied an entire RING of bright gold tumbling in the waves and stones. I wasn’t wanting to reenact The Lord of the Rings with the Inlet. Quickly, I jumped to the water’s edge and knelt, hoping to capture the band before it was swept further away. One of those lulls in the wave action came and I was able to snatch the item like a gal reaching for the dangling prize on a merry go round! It seems to be a man’s ring. I couldn’t see what was inside it. I noticed there were words, but they were tiny and worn. I realized the ring, being gold, was probably heavy enough to fall through the ashes. But, whose was it? Definitely not the cat or dog!

At home, I could only see it said 14K. There is something else, but I’ll take it to a jeweler this next week and see if it is a person’s name or initials. Then, if it isn’t dad, maybe the crematorium in town can help me. In fact, I’ll call them first!

Ashes update: The crematorium said they had no record of rings with dad’s ashes. The ring may not be a man’s. And I’ll learn more at the jewelry store!

Meanwhile, there was an awesome sunset!!!

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