My last post was odd. So, I will share some of the experiences I’ve had this week and some of the cartoons I’ve found to make things lighter again. A lot has happened!!

My sister did get her piano. Gig man, her spouse, had an involved plan that wandered all over the place. He wanted to get the post WW2 piano out of the door, onto the stoop, down the steps, and down the side walk to a trailer..which they would need to ramp to get the piano onto. Thankfully, a wiser head said, ‘I’ll bring my trailer up to the edge of the stoop and go through the door, onto the cement and, in one push, onto the trailer.’ Perfect. The lady who was helping was great. She was tinkling the ivories as it was relocated to 10 min away. (she was in the trailer to make sure the winches were secure around the instrument.) It reminded me of a calliope in a parade! Mom won’t like my sister has the piano, she’d have liked Fingers (name for piano players!) playing it on the road. Now, if my sister would get the rest of her things! They brought a rig to do that, but they also brought their partial black lab. Who, apparently, ‘ate a bee’ while she was here and that was why she was so clingy and needy and wanting in the house after being in the lake. At any rate, since they had the dog, they didn’t have room to haul anything else. She did take a small bag of things, so that was good. Besides, Gig man hates her bringing mom’s stuff home and the bag wasn’t the hope chest or anything else. She told me they’d come early (they arrived after 6 pm) to help me move furniture. (I’d emptied all the shelves and the piano top completely and moved the things by myself before they arrived. We’d not have had time, if I’d waited. They took the screen door spring apart. So, I locked it. I don’t want to mess with fixing it when I didn’t take it apart. Besides, I had to put things back when they left.) They were here for about 2 hours, maybe a smidge more. I only took photos and I’m glad I napped before they arrived!!!

I don’t remember Tuesday, but the next day I did errands. (OH, there was an earthquake in the Aleutians and a tsunami warning. Nothing happened and all was peaceful. Except for the alerts. I did stay off of FB!!!) Took a box to the post and found a typical Alaskan scene. The mom left her kids in the vehicle she’d driven. But, as you can see from the photo, it wasn’t your typical rig! Then,  I discovered the book I’d wanted to check out when I returned to AK can’t be. Yet. It appears my library card expired in May and since I canceled mom’s post office box, I now don’t have a way to verify I have an address to get a card. Although, I was told they might accept general delivery. I was so annoyed. Owning property and paying taxes here isn’t enough. I need a mail box!  I couldn’t find that book in an online library and I couldn’t find it in an Oregon library. I could find that author, but not that book. I may need to just buy the darn thing. Nicholas Christopher ‘The Bestiary’.

At the bank, the dear banker (he’s helped me since 2016) had no idea why the Oregon branch of Wells Fargo wanted certain documents for me to cash a check. So, they just had me sign it ‘executor’ and called it good. Much less stressful. People were fretting about wearing masks in stores and insisting their rights were being violated. I was disgusted. A mask is hot and you can’t see smiles, but if one person wearing a mask stops at least one of the mutations of Covid, I’m good with the covering. We don’t know for sure if they will, but the illness is not something I want around me. I only hope I can get back to Oregon, the area I live in normally is a new hot spot.  Temps and Covid wise. I think they said it was almost 96 degrees F this week. Yuck!!! I’d melt.

I discovered the Celestial Seasonings teabags are smaller than they used to be. The bags are made of some other kind of material, too. The Vermont Maple Ginger is a good flavor, but it is irritating the bags have less product than they used to. There are still three ducklings on the lake. Or there were this morning, before the neighbors took to the lake in a canoe and paddle board and with dogs. The golden eye are still fluffy and not at all like the teenage mallards. When those were dipping their bills into the muck in the lake and bumped into each other, I admit I laughed out loud from where I was watching!

It rained quite a bit on my errand day, but by afternoon it cleared up nicely.

Still couldn’t see the sky. Well, I could, but it was light. I was awake til 340 am and saw some stars, faintly. The comet wasn’t visible, nor were any constellations. The guys in OR were more fortunate. They not only saw the comet, but the rings on Saturn, and moons around Jupiter. Plus, meteorites! The night is one of the few good things about the states. Being able to see stars when it is warm outside! You can tell from the photo how light it was at almost 4.  At the moment, it is 930 pm and the sun is shining through the birch trees. You can see the hidden fall gold in the fluttering green leaves. Bees are scurrying for pollen and huge black dragonflies are kiting on the breezes filling the sky with clouds. It is a beautiful world, in spite of what is going on around us!

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