Northern World

I’m glad to be home. I do miss things like working septics and the wonderful kitchen in the Oregon house, but by and far, this really is where I belong. I will cherish the moments I have here with every beat of my heart. And the not so nice moments, well, those I will remember and shake my head over and eventually see the lessons in them.

There are a few ducks in the lake. Since mom isn’t here to feed them, most of the adult mallards have moved to less stressful shores. (the neighbor’s insist the labs can do what they want on their lake and chasing and killing duckling is a favorite pastime for the younger lab.) There are other predators, too. It seems there is a raven nest quite close and raven (one of my favorite birds) are fond of nabbing anything they can find to eat or feed their young. I read they will even grab heron nestlings (which seems more like a dare kind of thing- heron have very long beaks!). When the mosquitoes are less aggressive, I’m going to see if I can find the nest. I’ve only glimpsed a very awkward cow moose and, once, heard her as she galloped across the drive Friday morning at 830.

We’ve had a lot of rain. In fact, I think it has rained every single day since I arrived on Monday. Thankfully, the showers on Thursday were light and happened after I finally got to do a spot of yard work. As you can tell, I didn’t manicure it. I love having wild around me, with borders! I miss that in the Lower 48. I tried to leave a few of the forget-me-nots, most of them were in the middle of places needing mown. Photos are a good way to keep them around longer!

I was reading one of the blogs I follow and realized how icky I was feeling from not having a shower since Monday morning. I’d wash outside, except the skeeters are really intense this year. All the rain may have brought up the water level on the lake, however, it has also brought out insects that bite! I like being clean, I’m not filthy yet, but still! (as you can tell from the photo, I was a bit worn after the yardwork!) So, I thought back, recalled the scene from ‘Witness’ where the young Amish mom is taking a sponge bath and thought, ‘I did that before, I can do it again!’ (sponge bathe inside, not be an semi-innocent for a voyeuristic Harrison Ford!)

I also have been frustrated with the lack of ingredients in the house. Being isolated, cleaning, looking for things I knew I had here and finally find, and reading in between, all make me want to cook. Thankfully, I discovered an eggless (eggs and milk were two things I didn’t pack in my suitcase to bring north!) cookie recipe. It needed tweaked, but I think it turned out ok. I’ll let TnT and his helper try them when they stop by today. They are going to turn on the water heater again and change the light that went out in the store room (it needs a ladder, which is scary. The Craftsman said it might be less terrifying for me if I can’t see how far I am off the ground, but that seems dubious!).

Since being back, I’ve slept a lot. I do feel a ton better than I did last week. Still tired, though. Not sure if it is the meds or a more comfortable bed or finally getting here to finish or being in the absolute peace of this place (I hate living in town, all the curtains are closed cuz the huge windows overlook streets and other people’s busy yards. You can hear everything anyone is doing and I do not like it!!). Or, it could be all of those reasons!!

I keep finding things mom bought and never used. I need a duffle, this one is purple, and so, I’m going to see if it will work for what I need it for. Mum joined Curves, bought bag, shoes, and went to a couple of meetings before giving it up. At least it was less expensive than her golf lessons, clubs, and assorted accessories!  Seriously, please please please, help your parents purge before you need to do it for them and do try to keep your own debris to a minimum. So often today, I look at things and imagine using them elsewhere. Then, I decide it isn’t worth it. I’ve enough junk to haul south to sort later!!

One of the coolest things I’ve found this year, I’ll have to take back in a photo. I’ve never noticed him before, perhaps he just showed up in the last few months. From where I sit next to the window in the dining room, he’s visible just by lifting my eyes. I call him Sage. Can you see him? I’ve not gone out in the kayak to find my other tree friend, it is a great deal of work to haul the craft up and down the bank. I think Sage moved in to keep an eye on me since I can’t visit the other. I do love trees in all their stages!

This is another bit of wisdom I found today. From Cauldrons and Cupcakes. “Don’t put off living–we must make every moment count, even if they are not the moments we had envisioned for ourselves.” I think this will be a theme for me for this summer.

14 thoughts on “Northern World

  1. I do enjoy your pictures. I know what you mean about having to clear out your parent’s house, it is quite a task! I love that quotation at the end, I think it applies to this year very well.

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    • Most of the stuff is mom’s. Dad’s was extensive, but tended to be more electronic. I do have a ton of cassettes to decide what to do with.
      I’d not thought of that in relation to this year. Good noticing!!

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  2. AK is one of the states that I have never visited and would love to do so one day. I love the sights you share and the beauty of the land is just astounding. I know you will miss Oregon for now but think of it as safer to be away from Covid. I heard Oregon had a new Covid cluster from the Pentecostal church members. Take care and stay strong as you continue in your task. Much love and Garfield hugs.

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  3. This: “my soul’s home.” Wow! I must say that is how I feel here in our little hilltop vineyard in Spain. We went to the beach today and the grocery store and I couldn’t wait to get back home. It’s too peopley out there. lol. Love your photos as always. Hugs.

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