Joy and Clutter

Joy and Clutter. Reminds me of an experience I had in college. I’m not sure if I have told it before, but it always makes me laugh, so I’ll share again. In college, I was (for some reason) one of those girls who guys talked to. I was outside when one of the cuter guys came up to me completely depressed. I put up my book and settled myself to listen. He was a part of a choral group that had toured over spring break at various churches to recruit for the college. He told me he met the most lovely girl who was going to attend in the fall and he blew any dating chances he’d ever had in one quippy moment. My ears perked up and my smile was firmly restrained as he dejectedly told me in depth about the meeting and her quick retreat in confusion after. The dainty young lady had introduced herself as Helen Payne and he grinned, responded with a hearty handshake and the words, ‘HI, I’m sin and suffering.’

man iand woman doing a handshake

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I decided to think about making something joyful. Something that might (I do hope my above story made you smile!)  A while back, with the help of Little Bear, I’d put marbles in knotholes in the fence. This is not an easy job to do AFTER the fence is in place. Many people drill holes and put the marbles in first. Much less frustration as the marbles don’t land in the neighbor’s yards and out of reach. I wanted to add more marbles or shiny bits to the fence, but few holes are the proper size of marbles..and few marbles are of the same size as drilled holes! (I had no idea marbles were of different sizes when they come in a bag at a dollar store) Strider has baked marbles and wrapped them in wire to make jewelry. I have several pairs of his earrings and thought the method might be useful for dangling sparklies on the fence. Wire wrapping isn’t that hard, if you aren’t going for ‘wearable’ art. I managed to find some wire I’d used to make something in the past and wrapped a few marbles and those flat stones used in glass containers of flowers (I first was introduced to them as placers for the game Pente). I’d looked all over for something other than my ‘good’ wire. Then, I read a post by Nicole on Cauldrons and Cupcakes and realized, I should just use it! I have so much stuff (NOT as much as mom had, by any means!) and should not save it for later, for a rainy day (note: it is raining this week), or just in case. So, I used the coated wire, the copper jewelry wire is really thin and I’m not sure how well it would hold up outside in different weathers. (photos: old photos of fence and the ones I did this week.)


Clutter isn’t necessary in the drawer, in the craft cupboard, or in the mind. After mom’s, I came back and would go crazy with getting rid of things I do not need. The Craftsman would be so frustrated with me. Keepers are difficult to transform into unkeepers. Covid has hampered my tossing cuz I will not throw it away if it is brand new or almost new. I have a lot of bags and boxes waiting to leave the house in a few more weeks (the US and especially Oregon is opening up. Tickets north are getting very expensive fast and I’d like to have some space tidy before I go.). On the other hand, I did get into that box with the Christmas stuff to get a garland to use in the garden bed to keep the birds out……….but, NO. NO MORE STUFF!!! I do need to bring some more back, to go through here. It is too difficult to do up there surrounded by memories. If I can, I’ll do it here.

My own world is still wonky as heck, but I must sort mom’s before I can attempt to do mine. I guess that is the OCD part of me. Strider mentioned that the two of us need to do things in order, that people in our family prefer to have things done a certain way and we will redo it to get it done properly. I read from left to right, patterns are important, and I must get maternal clutter complete before I do my own. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying putting random sparklies on the fence! (I have 25 more to make)

11 thoughts on “Joy and Clutter

  1. Oh, I do love this post. This story “The dainty young lady had introduced herself as Helen Payne and he grinned, responded with a hearty handshake and the words, ‘HI, I’m sin and suffering.’” I laughed and had to share the story with my husband.
    And this gem “Clutter isn’t necessary in the drawer, in the craft cupboard, or in the mind.” So very true. I think I will print that out and keep it handy.
    And…I love the sparkly fence!

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    • When my friend told me that story, it was seriously all I could do to keep from giggling out loud. He was so crushed.
      I got some other wire and will work on more fence glitter as soon as I can manage to get upstairs to the marbles and jewelry snips. Although, I did find more marbles in a cupboard downstairs. I have marbles everywhere!!!

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  2. Awe your sparkles turned out beautiful and you are giving me ideas, although I need to be wise with where I invest my energy.
    I can relate so much to your post and I have a house full of stuff in Germany that needs sorting and shouldn’t stand empty. It’s starting to weigh on me heavily, especially since my life here is wonky as well and hard to tolerate anymore. Love you dear sister and sending light and love your way. It seems our journey continues and I’m glad that I don’t have to walk it alone. Bless you.

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