Whale carcasses and lessons from them on Earth Day 2020

The Oregon Coast is notorious for having things wash up on beaches. Recently, a 40 foot gray whale ended up on a normally busy section. This week, that whale was buried. (I was a bit surprised, anything buried on the shore, eventually comes back to light.) Disposing of whale carcasses on the coast has always been a chore. In November 1970, a 45 foot sperm whale body was gotten rid of in a most unusual way. I’ll share the original news video and links here, blessing Youtube! (You can’t see I’m wiping tears from my eys due to laughter!!)

This next video is from 25 years later. (this year, is the 50th anniversary, but we’ll wait til November to see what happens then!) The photos are clearer and several folks were interviewed.

The absolute BEST part of this particular incident is how it has grown, changed a bit, and gone global. In early April, the  Council of Doncaster – a town in Yorkshire, UK, used this crazy completely bizarre explosion to help explain Covid 19. It is well worth the read-

So, there you have it. Lessons from the dead. Happy Earth Day to you all! And a recipe from an Alaskan cookbook, just for fun!!



4 thoughts on “Whale carcasses and lessons from them on Earth Day 2020

  1. Funny!
    When we lived on Walney Island a whale washed up at the nature reserve at the North end. It was just left to decay naturally but for a while it was a useful landmark. In those days I used to do botanical tours of the reserve and the classic endemic plant grew in one place which temporarily became easier to find by walking up the beach then turning inland at the dead whale!

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