Still Monday, but at least the laundry is done!

It is Monday and I’m not in Alaska. This last weekend was difficult cuz I was supposed to land in ANC on Saturday afternoon. I was pretty sad. On the other hand, I’m glad to be able to do the laundry while I’m here in OR! I understand the snow is melting fast and I’ll see if I can get a ticket for mid-May. I’m also getting to see the gardens around this house in bloom, so that is a plus, too.

The US is determined to open up in a week or two or less. I hate going on FB. There is so much chatter about how stupid it is to hide from something that will eventually make everyone sick anyway. And besides, a person has a 98% chance of surviving it. Better odds than a normal run of the flu, so let’s just get on with living. I get angry when others claim it is all China’s fault and even though our POTUS claims to have good relations with their leader, it is still a foreign problem. People are tired of the government telling them what to do (note: our government is being rather careful with police response), they want to start doing and being in the sunshine. Others have noticed there are quite a few out and about in the parks. Many of the parking lots are packed with cars. Then, you hear how great it is people are leaving their technology and getting out and enjoying being with family in the outdoors. When folks cite the Spanish Flu and the dangers, responses are mixed and often volatile. The US is much better able to cope with diseases today, most of the known illnesses can be overcome with medicine and good medical care Besides, that particular one was a killer and it is gone and this soon will be also. (no one mentions how the Spanish Flu went underground for a few months and came back stronger than ever)

I know I want to get north and get mom’s sorted. (I was thankful my last power bill had dropped almost a hundred dollars.) I don’t want to do it at the risk of people’s health. Or mine. I felt better earlier today, but now it is close to 8 pm and I’m knackered. I keep thinking this must be from that sciatic nerve that I was diagnosed with in January. I’m not sure if it will make a chest ache, though. I do know that the first thing I’ll be asked is how are my blood sugars and since those aren’t spot on, that is the problem! (Gods, I hate having a chronic ailment)

In more happy news, a pair of Downy woodpeckers have been visiting the suet feeder I put up in February. I’m so excited to see them! Those and the Hairy (they look the exact same, except the Hairy is tons larger) are often up at mum’s. We’ve seen them here, but only on trees or light poles. I liked this first photo, you can see his tongue. (A woodpecker has a super long tongue that coils up in the head, it has a barbed end and they use it to snake out tidbits from the holes they drill.) You probably didn’t need all that information, but if you want more, here is a link to my very favorite birding site! The gold finches are almost completely dressed in their summer feathers, while robins are out nest building. Or I think they are! There was a surprise in the lilac tree the other day. The Craftsman always takes his bowl of cereal upstairs. His desk looks out on the yard and a GIANT lilac that is almost as tall as the house.  While he was eating breakfast the other day, he looked out the window above his desk to discover the neighbor’s Siamese cat almost at eye level! I had no idea those cats could climb such spindly branches and we wondered if it was chasing feathered friends. (or meals)

Gigglesnort!! I titled this laundry in my docs file. I laughed when I tapped the floppy icon (why does it still look like a floppy disk?) and was told ‘word is saving laundry again’.

gray and black metal frame

Photo by Wendy Wei on

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