It is Good Friday today and I ran across this tune posted on FB more than twice. I figured I should share it here, too. From Youtube, Disturbed-Sound of Silence.

Looking at the numbers, there really isn’t any idea when our world will be opened up again. I laughed at the US POTUS’ thoughts on the end of April and a journalist who said something akin to ‘the virus doesn’t matter what you wish, even if you are the president.’  There is hope all around us, focus on the blessings. Kamal wrote about bread and butter in a post today. I absolutely appreciate it.  Are we going to accept the blessings around us and let them soak into us or just allow them to sit on top of our lives? I think I’ll focus on the warm bread and melting butter blessings. (you really should look at the link to get the whole story!)

Like last night. I was so tired at dinner. Worn out and aching and just plumb tired. My chest and throat were hurting again and I didn’t want to do anything. Dinner was late, The Craftsman was out shopping and everything was ready, but we were waiting. Then, the doorbell rang. It was a friend of mine who had stopped earlier and discussed cookies. She had in her hands a portion scoop (cookie scoop) and she gave it to me. I was humbled and startled and almost cried. Little Bear was very impressed, “It looks just like the one you had, but the gears aren’t stripped and it isn’t broken!” He was right, it was exactly like the one that scooped its last scoop several weeks ago. Blessing!!!!!

Another find on FB today was this gem I’m going to use. And number 4 will be with a book. Oddly, the Easter orders I made almost last are here and the one I made first a while ago is still wandering its way across the country. On the other hand, one of the items here is a companion book to the one I just finished and can’t get at the library!! Hooray!! MORE blessings!



9 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. This found me at just the right moment when I needed reminding. I love the Disturbed cover of this song. It’s incredible and perfect for the times. Have you made any cookies yet?? And I love your fridge list. A touch early but…Happy
    Easter Kris 😊💝

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