Ticked by Tech

Tech Ticks??? Could I create a new cereal? How many bytes is a carbon footprint? Needless to say, in this lovely wintery weather we finally have here in EO, I’m annoyed. My iPad finally died. In the middle of a book!!! I was so mad. Now, I need to see if I can figure out how to get a battery…I’m betting that will be at least before the end of Feb. (The funniest thing? I finally used the Amazon gift card the kid got me for Christmas and purchased regular stuff for gifts and ebooks for me. That I now cannot read! lol) I do have mum’s Kindle, but it doesn’t do near the things the iPad can. (not to mention the word game that oddly on the iPad the ‘price’ of the game hintss are cheaper than on the kindle! I don’t ever buy things for a game using money, but if you play long enough, you can build up ‘coins’.) Plus, I need to change it form mom to someone else. Jake wanted it for Pippi after Pippi broke her iPad by tossing it on the bed and doing a belly flop onto it..I didn’t think the 14 year old was responsible enough for more technology. (she got a new iPad later!)  It was a gift, I’ve had two battery cords for it, but this is, I’m pretty sure, internal. It won’t accept it has been plugged in and leaving it so (just in case, because when something isn’t working and should, you keep trying it over and over hoping for different results!) makes the part that is actually in the outlet get very very warm. Thus, not using it. Everything I have read suggests downloading the data before replacing the battery, but that will be impossible since I can’t get the darn thing open at all. Definitely a piffle.

THEN, I decided to check WP on the desktop. Which totally wigged out. I logged in like usual then it was blank!  I could access the site from looking it up via a search engine. However, when I got there, I could not use the dashboard. The oddest thing was finding the other wordpress sites I have under different addresses were using the address and passwords for this one! I couldn’t log off after logging on and so I decided to try the laptop. I can get to it from here, so I reckon I’ll just use this. I only hope it reboots on the desktop!

So far, my laptop is ok. AND I was reading two books (one paper), so I still have books to read! AND the best part is the snow today. Quite a bit for how long it has been since we’ve had snow in this area. I’ve not been outside, I am still having a great deal of trouble keeping my balance at times and Little Bear has had a mort of calls come through the pager for folks who have fallen or had stroke or heart attack symptoms. Often, when there is snow, people forget they haven’t done anything difficult in at least a year or so and shoveling or walking on ice is too much. I do not want to be a pager call!!!!

I am not an agile squirrel seeking seed in the snow!!

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