Moses and the 12 Days of Christmas

This will have a lot of pictures. I probably should have cut it in half, but although I used these on FB, I didn’t think of sharing them here til the 11th day!  So, here is Moses celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas. Enjoy.

On the first day of Christmas, Moses tried to sit in a piece of cardboard packaging from my new air fryer. He was probably practicing for Boxing Day! 2F37F7C2-271E-4842-9CC9-1E7352561BDEThe second day of Christmas, Moses decided to nap on a lap. B852FC0B-8744-432D-A098-81F395FBCE29On the third day of Christmas, I didn’t take pictures. Both of us were annoyed with the chirping from the smoke alarm. Thankfully, someone taller too care of it for us!

The fourth day of Christmas, Moses was outside and not impressed about posing with Christmas lights!DD85B71C-FD03-4B3E-823B-E745076FD500On the eve of fifth day of Christmas, Moses took out the stuffed mouse that wasn’t stirring! CEA602EB-7BB8-4E12-9170-3B7DDF8557F6The sixth day of Christmas, our Moses declared it wasn’t a day for six geese a laying, but a day for one cat a laying on the bed! DE8B5224-F616-4B29-BA60-C7E6CBC82EF5On the seventh day of Christmas, Moses kept an eye out for those swans. Happily, they didn’t show up!E41B3A9D-3119-4965-AE78-347E5621ACCEThe eighth day of Christmas is the new year. Moses wishes one and all blessings, love, and cats to fill those empty 365 days. 19D1D9CA-C535-4F9F-9AC2-FCA4795448EAThe ninth day of Christmas Moses enjoyed some catnip. Ladies dancing have nothing on a cat rocking and rolling on nip! 8BB71EA6-CE8B-4758-9517-7F09507F1367On the tenth day of Christmas, Moses was tired of posts and sharpened his claws on the porch.7A0496BB-FC8C-4EF3-9B01-D7D6BD9AE718 On the eleventh day of Christmas our Moses wanted to put a sock in the whole proceedings. 045AC98C-06C9-420F-8E79-BF0AF3838B48The twelfth day of Christmas, the day of Epiphany, Moses consulted with me..and then the Magi. Almost everything is put away for another year, but the memories of Moses and the 2019 holiday season will live on.

9 thoughts on “Moses and the 12 Days of Christmas

  1. That was cute. It put a smile on my face, and I needed one. My dad brought home some sort of cold and now my mom and I both have it. It’s pretty much stayed contained to my throat, but I’ve been coughing to where I sound like an old man and it looks like I’m getting laryngitis as well and it looks like I’m starting to lose my voice. I can tell because I have no high pitch whatsoever right now (I’ve been watching wrestling and when I tried to say a “Whoo!” during Charlotte Flair’s entrance, literally no sound came out). I can probably expect the rest of my speaking voice to go within the next couple of days. It’s rare when I get laryngitis from a cold, but it happens. Just gonna try and rest my voice and suck on plenty of cough drops. Halls does a pretty good job of lubricating my throat and the menthol keeps the coughing down as well.

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