Suck it up

I need to suck it up, put on those big girl panties (I’ve worn a lot of underwear since my return to Oregon!), and deal with things I’m afraid of. One of my good friends, he’s no longer on this side of the path, once told me my fears were rather irrational. He’s probably correct. So, here I sit quivering on the couch because of some stupid black crawling creature on the bathroom wall.

Little Bear now has what his dad has. He’s coughing and hacking and retired with a second half dose of that wonder elixir called NyQuil. So, when I discovered an interloper in the bath, I cringed and went to find The Craftsman. He was busy on the internet looking up car parts or something. I gently tugged on his shirtsleeve and told him there was a spider on the bathroom wall between the sink and tub. I said it was scary having it stare at me and I needed to brush my teeth and I’d be pretty nervous taking a shower in the morning. He chuckled and replied he’d not seen it, but he’d take care of it. I thanked him and went to the kitchen to wait, leaving the bathroom light on so he’d not have to do that step in the elimination process.

I sat on my little bench to read. After a chapter in my story, The Craftsman showed up to say goodnight and turn off the Christmas lights. (They are cleverly set up to switches in the kitchen. Six switches.) He didn’t say anything, but Little Bear is the quippy kid when t comes to rescues (he also responds the second I have it insect or wound!). I noticed the light was still on in the bathroom and looked at him quizzically. He responded in kind. I shook my head and said ‘nothing.’ However, when he went to bed and I went inside the bathroom, the spider was still on the wall! 😳😳😳😳

I decided to try to smash it myself. I have done this before..rarely, but I have. I picked up one of Little Bear’s giant rubber boots and gently put it back. Not only were they heavy, they also had giant tread and dried mud. (Nope, not on my walls!) The empty pizza box was too flat (he collects them to make targets). I saw the cane The Craftsman made me. It is long with a flat end. Except, my hand eye coordination isn’t too grand and when I got near the spider, I bumped it and it dropped to the floor behind the trash can.😱😩😱

I eventually did brush my teeth. Of course, I stood on the other side of the bathroom staring at the area where that elusive crawler might be. My heart rate is not quite calm yet. I am not impressed. I can totally see how Little Bear is a first responder sort and I sincerely hope he feels well enough Saturday morning to search and save his mom from certain small scary things.

On the unrescuing hand, The Craftsman did bring  home the movie ‘Aquaman.’ 🙂😍😍🙂

15 thoughts on “Suck it up

  1. Oh my goodness Kris, I am laughing at reading your words! I am terrified of bugs and spiders and I scream out of pure fear………I have also killed a few but if no one will do it for me, I’d rather sleep in my van. 🙂 Hope everyone feels better soon….

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  2. Those spiders move pretty quickly. When see one anywhere in the hpuse i run to get my husband so he can put them outside. (i don’t want to kill them, i just don’t want them in the house.) Then when he comes to look for said spider, the thing has vanished, and i think, where could it have gone? Probably hiding under our bedcovers? Lol.

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