Favorite Things

I often sing parts of that song, thankfully it isn’t a Christmas one, so not too many people look at me askance! Among my favorite things are a great kitchen. (I think I wrote about this room in here once before, but it is ok to be repetitive now and then!!!) One of the bloggers I follow posted about kitchens and it sparked a tremendous response. (I think I noticed 120 comments between her and her followers!) It got me thinking about the kitchen in my Oregon house. (the Alaskan kitchen is crowded and only good for a single person who cooks frugally..like I do when I’m alone!) I don’t call the kitchen here mine, even though it mostly is. That is because I didn’t really plan for anything in it except the paint. The Craftsman put it all together on his own. Several things I was uncertain about, but they work, so it is good. All in all, it is a wonderful spot and I’m grateful. The walls are Irish Cream with Peanut Butter trim and the ceiling is Fudge Truffle. (I would love to name paints!!!) Β There are two windows, one giant one above the sink with a sill for flowers and a high enough curtain rod for crystals and mirrors. (Mittens absolutely loves sunny days when she can chase the white lights and rainbows..oddly, red dots don’t do much for her.)

It isn’t as tidy as I thought. (Piffle) I’d prefer the stove to be gas, but it isn’t in the cards at this time. The stove is ‘new’ to me. Most of the kitchen is from Craig’s List or neighbor’s who are getting rid of things and need to sell them cheap. (the countertop is Home Depot, although The Craftsman made the counters!) I love the counter space. It seems to go for miles! The counter with the chair is annoying. Mittens loves the chair and no one but The Craftsman can sit comfortably there due to the height. The Craftsman took found wood and put a back with a door on the cupboard (it has doors on both sides!), but he measured it to himself. He’s 6’3″. So, that particular counter is ‘an absolutely beautiful well crafted from saved old wood’ catch all space.

The Craftsman comes by his name naturally. He had an old stereo cabinet he envisioned would make great shelves. I wasn’t so sure, but it turned out both clever and unique! The kitchen is still large enough you could bring in a wheelchair if you wanted.

There are several small appliances in the room. (on top of the fridge is one that belongs to Little Bear, a meat grinder, I think…) In the corner next to the oven are a covered bread machine (the cover was actually made for a sewing machine!) and a partially covered mixer from last Christmas. The toaster is also covered, it is rarely used! Above those is a small cupboard where I keep a small crock pot and a blender. (There is a beautifully crafted shelving unit on the wall, it used to hold meds til the bottle size and amount of prescriptions changed!!!) On the counter are many things I wouldn’t mind moved, but they really aren’t exactly in the way! The counter that is nearest the laundry room entry has the microwave. Little Bear calls it the microwave that lasts forever. It is at least 30 years old and only has a slight door issue. (probably cuz Little Bear punches the button instead of pressing it…) When we moved to this house, you had to walk thru the kitchen to get to the laundry room. We created a hole in the wall and now there is a large space that holds more stuff (insert eye roll!) and avoids the main working kitchen entirely.

My absolute favorite thing in this kitchen is a bench/stool. Little Bear made it for me ages ago and it is used a lot. Mostly for sitting on and reading. The cats like to sit in the window next to me or under my legs near the heater. It is a perfectly cozy place and handy if I’m cooking and waiting for things. I can sit and read and not leave the room.

It really is a favorite thing. (I think I love the rainbows and sparkles as much as Mittens!)


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