September’s Arrival


It is now September 2. The official sale of mum’s household SABLE is done. (I now need only $500 to get the pipes dug up!) I’m actually sitting in the dining room surrounded by items and waiting for someone who had contacted me on FB about something she wanted. I’m also sad because a few items I’d set aside or marked sold for people are now available again. Seriously. When you live in AK and can find something at a sale for a quarter of the online retail price, why quibble that it is $12 dollars? The lake is super calm today and I’m watching a lone golden eye duck ‘bloop’ around on the skin of our tiny water. It swims a bit, dives, pops back up, swims, dives, and repeats the process. Each time I try to take a photo, he ‘bloops’. (that is the sound the water makes as they dive) OH! There are two ducks! Twice as difficult to photograph. (Insert eye roll as I’m on my laptop and not the iPad!)

I had one person, if I had known how rude they’d been to my sister and a couple of others outside, I’d have charged them a bit more when I met them inside! They wanted lighthouses. The main woman was angry cuz we’d not answered her as to where the sale was (I had posted it, but not in a photo and it wasn’t an ‘event’) and my signage wasn’t as good as it should have been and she hoped there were some lighthouses left because she really wanted them. She did take quite a few. I was thankful, however, a friend of a friend took some of the really neat things (that friend was nicer all around!). After the grumpy woman left, I put out several more, plus a game that had been in a cabinet. There was another woman, who runs a shop in town. She was so respectful! She took much more than she paid, but it was ok. She went through the bell cabinet and set aside things with the words: ‘you need to look at this or keep this’. Much of the fancies in the cabinet we’d never really looked at. It was a stuffed locked glass cabinet full of glass! There are a great many good people in this world, I’m glad they help balance the dingbats. UPDATE on dingbats: In an estate sale, people look at things. They open boxes and remove the contents. But I wish they also could put them back the way they found them!! So rude. Leave no trace isn’t something most people have been taught. In the woods, in a house, or a store this is a good rule of thumb. (Thieves could leave fingerprints!!)

Since I’m just waiting today, I was hoping to get caught up on blogging. My blogging email address has over 100 unread email notifications! I know GH is out of the hospital (or was last I really read.).  Dewy is getting things more sorted in her new abode. Gary cooked something incredibly delicious looking awhile back-as usual! Jack is continuing to share profound thoughts. Rhapsody is always enlightening and generally writes what I need exactly as I need it. Ms. Monster texted she’ll take out someone for me, of needed—gigglesnorting still! Podman and Chirp are always a joy to hear from—they have a herd of grands staying with them! And I noticed a few others are back from a break. (I also discovered advertisements on WP are annoying!! I’m glad followers are able to skip around those to see my own pictures and words!!!!!)

This is an odd month for me. It is also another busy one. Many people use the next weeks to drive out of the state before snow settles. Migration and change is evident all around. (Very cool! Now there are three teen mallards swimming around! I captured them lifting off the other day.) Most of these pictures were from the last week or so-before mum’s stuff was partially sold.


Earlier last week I spied a snipe and photographed it bathing. (yes, I’m a voyeur and they are a real creature!)

Haven’t seen the bigger moose lately, I do know the young one has a dangling antler piece from an encounter of some kind. (I bet it hurts!) I did get to see a youngling and its mom.


This was RIGHT next to the house (see corner in photo). I was standing in the open doorway. 

It is a bittersweet time of year, yet…fall is a promise of a time of rest before starting new all over again. Good season. (makes sense to find a heart apple fritter this time of year!!)