Running Away 2 (to, too, or just two?)

At the Sea Life Center, I wandered all over the place and completely enjoyed myself. (On my last visit, Pippi was rather young and got a bit bored in a short time. I wanted to just bask in birds and fishes and the ocean dwellers!)

I think my favorite place was next to the aquarium where the birds were on top and fishes were on the bottom. It was soothing to sit there in a dim relative calm watching fish float along, knowing that up above was daylight and busy water fowl. I did feel sorry for the super long wolf eel. (she’s in the second photo, flash is bad for the critters)  She’s gravid, but since there isn’t a male, her eggs are infertile. Being pregnant and not fitting into her den and it is for naught. I didn’t ask how she got pregnant, I was too surprised and then the center employee left. Before she spoke to me about the eel, she told me about a young horned puffin who is a year old. You can sure tell how much these animals are loved. The woman acted like a doting aunt as she shared stories about the young bird with me, videotaping the little busybody diving and swimming to the glass as if to say hello!

I spent time with sea lions and the biggest male was roaring, so apt where they got their name. The littler seal are so pretty, they do look human. It is easy to see how they can become a selkie.  The Center had only two sea otter. (It seems otter are too mischievous to keep). The pair at the center are on their way to Denmark eventually, I believe. They were hard to take photos of because they are in a pen outside and I was inside behind glass. Sea otters are more common than land or river otter, so facilities in the rest of the US don’t have sea otter, making room for land ones that might show up. (I think I’d like to stay at the Nauti Otter hotel next time I visit-unrelated to the center, and probably also quirky!!) Another creature hard to contain is the octopus. Octopi are sneaky and can crawl out of their water habitat and into others to eat the residents inside, then return back to their own home without anyone the wiser!!! Thank goodness for security cameras!  This is Ophelia. She’s made up of ocean debris. I love her, but it makes me so mad the things she’s made up of that are used almost every day.


All in all, I had a beautiful time. I’m very glad I did this. It was worth every penny.

That night I stayed at a bigger, slightly more expensive, place. The room was on the second floor with enclosed stairs, it was quiet, it was spacious, it had great internet and outlets, and its shower head was nose crinkling. BUT, it was so nice to be in a tub with warm water that wasn’t going to flood anything. I only wish I had taken a bath!!! I was so sore and tired, it was good I waited til the next day to leave. Eating in the lounge that night was also very cool. It seems they support Turning Heads Kennels cuz pictures of the teams and logo were on one wall! (oddly, it appears their logo was’t loaded onto my laptop!!) The jukebox left a lot to be desired (a neon rectangle that looked entirely too high tech!). I also had excellent fries again (Fish and chips the night before was stellar, the chips this day were just as yummy!)


In the morning, after waiting for any ice on the roads to melt (it was very chilly!), I was on my way. I met some friends from CA when I got back and they helped move a couple of boxes. Later, my sister interrogated me cuz I’d been too quiet on FB and seemed depressed (insert eye roll!). And she wondered why I wanted to run away!!??!!

I probably should have saved the money. (It is crazy how a couple of hundred dollars seems like a fortune!) I’m glad I didn’t, though. I’ll find the pennies to get things ready for me to leave. It will work.

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