A Bit

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Just a short note. I’m a bit annoyed. A bit really busy. A bit tired. OK, most of those are more than a bit, but whatever!

I have been going full tilt most of the day. I did take a break and read while I had lunch and sat in the sunshine for 10 min after clipping my toenails (amazing how much better I can see in full sunshine!! I didn’t snip anything but nails. Very cool!). Anyway, we were sitting down to the dinner I’d made at the table I’d set. The Craftsman asked if there was anything I needed done. I mentioned after dinner the dishes needed unloaded before I could completely clear up dinner and the kitchen, I said the stuff in the dryer needed folded and put away, the shower curtain outside needed brought in and hung back up, I’d purchased some plants that needed planted in pots (one I still need to put dirt in, I’ll do that after I get done with my rant!), and then I’d need to sort what I need to take with what I want to take and what I have to take and pack it. His response? ‘Those are things you need to do all the time, what can we do to help you get ready to leave?’ (he did say he’d help with the shower curtain) Needless to say, all of that except the plants and my packing, is done. I did it by myself. The guys went up to Grandma’s. Little Bear needed to mow and it is finally cool enough. They did take up the trash (grandma has a dumpster), but I put in a new trash bag. (It is the little things that take the time. Le sigh!!)

It appears they are spending all day tomorrow with me-I know there is a drive to the next town and a meal at an old drive in. We are taking the Mercury and they might go shopping somewhere. I hope I have everything done by tomorrow!!! It is 8 pm now…. Yup, running out of time! (that was an EXCELLENT book!! Margaret Haddix. it’s about a family who were living in a historical post Civil War town. Some of the children in town were catching diphtheria, so a mom sent her daughter out for help.)

Photo by Andrey Grushnikov on Pexels.com

13 thoughts on “A Bit

  1. It’s so exhausting being Wonder Woman all the time. Please take good care of yourself. I know there are times we have to power through things, but don’t forget to steal moments for yourself wherever you can. ♥️

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      • Yes she does but she also always way back up. We both have fought some battles, you and I, and we seen a think or two. Had our heart stabbed at while we sacrificed our own well being and we’ve fallen more times then we can count. And yet we’ve gotten back up and after all, we are still standing. You inspire me my strong warrior sister. ❤️


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