What is health?

I’m constantly tired. My body often aches. It hurts to move. I have care professionals who ordered tests and I am fine. It is like I’m my mom all over again! On paper, mom was great. It was in reality where she failed. (OK< that was actually true in more ways than her health, but I digress!) I found out today from my endocrinologist that results from my blood and urine showed I’m perfect. Cholesterol, thyroid, not my A1C (that was a bit higher, as is my weight), but all in all, I look good. I was told not to eat much at dinnertime (it appears my best glucose tests from the report downloaded from my machine are at ‘lunch’. Since I don’t usually eat anything from 8 pm to 11130 am, it turns out food is the main culprit in glucose). There is a meme I love–I fixed a type in it, so I love it even more now!!! (I may post infrequent Diabetes memes instead of cooking while I’m north!)

And this experience. I’m still annoyed about it and I’ve shared my frustration in a couple of places. I mentioned I’d gained weight, well, I also mentioned that to a well meaning male individual (Not The Craftsman. He doesn’t acknowledge it either way.) This person wanted to know how my appointment had gone. So, I shared the information. Then, I get the response back. ‘I thought you looked bulgy the other day.’ This is the SAME person who told me I looked puffy after seeing a winter photo I’d taken. I know I’m fat. I’m not fond of it, but telling me so isn’t going to endear me to you, either.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

On the positive side, I have a doctor appointment in AK. My endocrinologist suggested I see my Alaskan primary to try and get MS assistance. I called that clinic today and they will see me next Thursday and we’ll see what they can do in a few months! Especially since, due to my own stupidity, I won’t be able to see one til the end of November.

So, I arrive north on Monday morning at midnight thirty (why I keep scheduling these ridiculous flights when I hate them, I’ll never know!) and arrive at the home airport at 7 am (I believe). I’m a tad nervous because the gal picking me up is supposed to work that morning, but she is insisting on picking me up. I hope nothing has gone wrong up there, but I reckon I’ll find out in a few days! I have an appointment with the bank on Wednesday and then the doctor on Thursday. I’ll see if I can consult with a tax person and the financial person, too. (It is as if mom is still there driving me bonkers!) The clock is ticking!!!

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

12 thoughts on “What is health?

  1. You are gorgeous my friend, inside and out. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different. Love and beauty are not size bound and obviously those comments were made from a simple, shallow mind. I miss you and I wished we could talk more. I’m always here for you. Hugs

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