Friday Night

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She had gone to bed early, waiting for him. He came in the room to get ready for bed and saw her waiting. His smile caught her breath and he crept under the covers to pull her close. As they kissed his hand dropped to her thigh and then inside her leg. She writhed under his touch and moaned into his devouring lips.

Gently, then with movements aided by primal hunger, they wound themselves around each other in the blankets. The darkened room filled with heat. The two lovers merged into one. Over and over, he thrust himself into her willing body. The jazz music he’d turned on, the taste of sweat on his skin, and the feel of her body stretching combined into a sensory overload. They couldn’t see much, just shadows, it was enough. Their enjoyment continued as the two tumbled into sleep, still wrapped in each other’s arms.

In the morning, birdsong woke them, but the dream went on.

What really happened:

She was in bed in her jammie top and panties pretending to read Jonathan Livingston Seagull. He finally arrived, with the cat following. Moses hopped up on the bed, was petted (to be fair, he was insisting on it!), and she was talked to about Moses. He crawled into the just washed sheets and blankets (clean linen is so sensuous!!!) after turning off the light and moving Moses. The two kissed a couple of times, one of his hands was ‘petting’ her bare thigh, and eventually he went to sleep with his hand on his tummy. Quietly, she moved her hand under his, palm against his lower abdomen. (She was remembering friends who suggested she encourage him in different ways). He sighed and his fingers instinctively clasped hers. Moses walked around the prone bodies looking for a place to rest, she moved him to the foot of the bed, where he stayed briefly. She stroked the slumbering man’s inner thigh with one hand while the other was held captive. Eventually, she realized his grasp had loosened and he was truly asleep. Moses moved to up in the bed to between her legs where he curled up for a nap. She smiled at the cat, carefully moved her hands since they were trapped (sleeping bodies must be heavier than ones awake!). Quietly, she listened to the CD always played at night, thinking of the futility of intimacy in the 5th decade. She eventually fell asleep.

In the morning, she woke and he tried to cuddle her. Unfortunately, she had to use the bathroom, he already had. After, she checked her glucose, took a smidge of insulin, she got back into bed. He stroked the side of her face over and over. Eventually, she moved to kiss his hand (the touches were a bit repetitive and not a bit sensual). He stopped moving and eventually dropped off to sleep. He was briefly awakened by her alarm and her movements to reach over and turn it off. She spooned against him, wriggling her bottom a bit, and he started stroking her arm. Until he dropped off to sleep again. After 30 more minutes, he finally got up and dressed, opened the blinds to the sunshine, kissed her as he exited the room, leaving the door open wide.

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I know he’s tired. I know we both hurt from our uncertain life stages (him-shoulders and back and knee, me-at least one disease that makes most of me worn out to the max!). I know I’m not thin anymore. I know I don’t believe I spend enough time doing things he’d like. (I did watch part of an old Jimmy Stewart movie he was watching. I was doing chores in between scenes. Since I leave in a week, there is a great deal to do!) I know this week has been busy for both of us and scheduled time is a necessity. We are going with the kid to see End Game on Sunday, so I reckon I’ll get to sit in between the two during. (back seat on the way there and probably next to after while they eat). Although, the time he wants to go is going to be difficult. I always need to check my glucose around 5 and definitely at 6. I will probably need to eat a protein bar during the movie, negating a need for a full meal after when they are eating. The movie is long and we’ll be in the theatre at that time. I’m sure it will work out, I may need to sit on the aisle so I can leave for 5 minutes. As I said earlier, ‘Let it Be.’

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OH, I had a blood draw on Friday and it didn’t take much time at all. I got to hold a purple warm hand for a bit (glove filled with hot water) and she used a butterfly on top of my hand, but she got what she needed! Whoo hooo! My endocrinologist appointment is on Tuesday-at 4 pm!!!! (I planned that poorly!) And I need to get dinner from the oven right now, so may your weekend be great and your experiences full of good things.

7 thoughts on “Friday Night

  1. Your story had some potential in the beginning. Somehow i knew you would end it the way you did. Sounds like someone ought to visit their local medicine man about a little blue pill. Hopefully then, there’ll only be one kitten in bed and with more than a little purr in her motor.

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