Around the Yard

We are going to walk around the yard. This house in this small city is on a bit more than two lots. Whatever size that is!!! The fence around most of it is illegal (the city has an ordinance as to where the fence should be. Thankfully, the fence was put up before the ordinance, so it is ‘grandfathered’ in.) We’ll start in the front yard and wander out to the back.

In the front yard, most of my spring flowers are done. The purple pasque flowers are going to become adorable Dr. Seuss seed heads soon.

Also in one of the front beds are orange tulips. These are close to done, but I absolutely love how bright they are! The geranium are inside for the winter/late spring. I know you are supposed to put them in a dark place, cut down, and then repot them in the spring. I like to leave them in the laundry room. They often bring bright red blooms to white a winter day. They will go outside as soon as we are certain sure it won’t freeze.

Through the gate along the sidewalk are more pots of tulips. (I’m going to put in a few more this next weekend. I purchased several gone to pot pots of varied bulbs. I LOVE bulbs!) Near the gate is a giant pot of catmint. The cats prefer catnip, but Moses will sleep in the catmint. (there is catnip in one of the front beds) They only eat the mint if I break off some for them. The red tulips I call Audrey 2 tulips.

Along the inside of the fence are assorted flowers and bushes and tulips and iris. And a peach tree! They go on for quite a while. (I’m only sharing a bit of what is there) The mound of green between the giant cement leaf and the tulips in the first photo is rose geranium. It looks GREAT this year! It is under a purple lilac. The second picture shows sweet woodruff, it was crowded with grass! There are also bulbs and a flowering purple spikey thing I forget the name of at the moment. Also unknown is this pink flowering bush/tree. It showed up from somewhere and has leaves and flowers and that is it. The humming birds like it, so it stays!

The back of the fence is a bit of a mess, still. Little Bear and I dug up most of the hops and I planted bulbs and a honeysuckle in the pink tub. The dry creek on the far side of the pond has oriental lantern flowers and little iris. Near the bench are giant orange poppies, hosta, Bishop’s weed (also known as Snow on the Mountain), and many other flowers and bulbs. Hmmm, I don’t have a photo of the tub area! (after the bulbs in it go dormant, I’m hoping the petunia and zinnia take over.) I also have a gnome display on a large glass plate. (I’ll share that in a different post!)

I hope you enjoyed your brief glimpse of the place I hang out in Eastern Oregon. At least, until it gets too hot!!! Most of the summer I spend inside til it is night. Only then does it tend to cool off a smidge! I’m not fond of the over 70F daytime temps. I’m also not fond of the wasps who swarm around the pond. The yard needs a ton more done to it and until I leave on May 12, I’ll do as much as I can. I’ll share those soon.


10 thoughts on “Around the Yard

  1. Your yard looks so peaceful. And also a lot of work. I’m trying to catch up with what’s been going on with you, and can’t decide whether to start at the most recent or go back many months where I dropped off. And I’m loving your photo, Kris.

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  2. I love bulb flowers too. Seems like you have been working hard, but it’s paying off. Your garden looks peaceful. I remember once you told me that in memory of some friends you plant their favourite flowers so when they bloom you think of them and it makes you smile. I like that idea. Are you still doing it?

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