Peace, love, and jellybeans

Some of my tulips! (See my peeps earrings? I love them!)

Just a short note to wish you all a perfectly hopping great Easter. I’m busy with cooking and cleaning. Yeah, it’s the same notes, just a different song! Little Bear suggested I make cheese cake, so I attempted the experiment. They didn’t then out like the picture and video, but we’ll see how they taste at Sunday’s dinner. I also made more cheese straws, mostly cuz the bunny buns I’m going to try before our Easter dinner might prove more difficult than they appear. I’ll share that on Monday!

I purchased the guys small solid Dove rabbits, with a couple of other things to go with them. We don’t do baskets anymore, they’ve been packed in boxes since 2012! I put their gifts on the table where they sit for meals. I also had The Craftsman get something for his mom. She’s also coming over for dinner. I didn’t get Strider’s box ready on Friday before the post left town. I’ll send it on Monday!

Thursday and Friday were super hot. I almost melted! About 70F. However, the fire department did their annual egg hunt on Saturday and it rained all night and morning. It tapered off about the time the hunt was over. The department boils and hides real eggs for several different age groups. I’m pretty sure Little Bear said they boil 120 dozen. I was floored, but they hide them all. Including 36 ugly eggs that are dropped into every color and are penned with the word ugly. Plus a spray painted silver and a spray painted gold one for each age group. The kids are babes to about 12. The hiding is pretty much put the egg in the grass, but the field for the older kids isn’t mowed. We used to hide eggs for the boys and when I was in school, my sister and I would take turns hiding and finding them. The poor eggs were pretty beat up by the time we were bored!

Did you hide eggs and were they real or plastic?


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