What I’ve wondered lately

One of the blogs I follow, Diabetes Stories, shared something a bit ago that surprised me. I thought I was the only one who wondered about ‘wasted’ insulin. As she writes, when persons with Diabetes use a pre filled pen, you need to ‘prime’ the pen prior to the poke. (ooooh, alliteration!!!) EVERY shot. Thus, insulin is not used in the way insurance companies think it should be. I shared this with my family and The Craftsman was visibly upset at my ‘throwing away’ insulin. He soon realised it was necessary, but 50$ for 3 pens is still frustrating when not all of it is used in body. Crazy, but true.

I also wonder why our bodies are so different! Swimsuit duos are sold in a set. Yet my bottom is nowhere near as small as my top! I finally ordered a ‘retro’ suit bottom. (I hate ordering clothes off line. I hope it fits!) I found several bikini type tops in a thrift store. I’ll model if it works out! I was also impressed by purchasing two skirts and two tops for just over 6$. The skirts were marked $3 each and the tops had no price, they were just hanging up neatly. (I didn’t mind, it was just interesting!) I also was going to wear one of the tops and could not find it!!! Since I’m not really supposed to wear such things in town, I need to put them away til I get to Alaska. However, I really really wanted to wear one of them cuz it was so warm out. (I eventually found it deep in one of my drawers!)

The most unusual thing I have thought about lately is body hair. One story (fiction) suggested we don’t need body hair at all. The stuff on our heads is just vanity. (I nose crinkled about that!!) THEN, one of my Alaskan friends posted she had gotten her nose hairs waxed!!!!! When I suggested there might be a reason for those, she responded ‘Halloween?’ I often divest myself of much of my pubic hair, I’ve trimmed the nose hairs and other assorted stray bits that seem to sprout, but holy heck in a hand basket!!! Waxing internal nose hairs seems a bit much. I’ll let you decide and follow the link on your own.

I found a leopard slug in the yard while weeding. Most people cannot stand slugs, but living on the Oregon Coast for almost two decades makes you see their beauty and worth. They are land sharks. I did toss it in the road, but I recall feeding a pair that hung around on our back porch. They make great mostly dry aquarium pets, too. I prefer the leopard ones, which are spotted. The yellow banana and boring black ones are just icky. (although, there was a team-not in our district- stuck with a banana slug mascot.) The boys never wanted me to make the slug coff syrup. A layer of slugs, a layer of sugar, and so on til you had a nice melted goo you added flavoring to. Kids!

A thunderstorm is expected. I love a good thunderstorm! One of the few good things about Eastern Oregon is being able to watch lightening in the hills and overhead. The kid took a super awesome photo of lightening a summer back. Thus, I’m going to attempt to schedule this and log off! Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “What I’ve wondered lately

  1. I’ve been manscaping for a long time and I think its necessary. Also, nose hair trimmers are a must for the modern post metro sexual. 🙂

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  2. Well age does funny things to us. Hair sprouts where it never used to. I am fortunate because I am fair. The increased fuzz on my face is blond and very fine so barely noticeable, although I do remember my husband remarking (10 years ago), one sunny day that illuminated my face, that some of the hairs on my face were 1/2 long!! Fortunately, they have never got worse and are now even more fine than they were then.
    As for nose hairs. Most of mine stay in tact. If one looks a bit dark, long, or wirey, I use tweezers to pull them. Does sort of bring tears to the eyes, but worth it to get rid of a wild rogue hair.

    My husband has had me pull stray hairs from his ears and eyebrows for years. He pulls his own nose hairs… You can only inflict that kind of pain on yourself.

    I only waxed once. It was too much for my sensitive skin as is chemical hair remover. I just use a multi blade wet shaver. I use hair conditioner as a lubricant for the blade. Works a treat. As long as I go in the same direction as the hairs, I never suffer ingrown or razor rash afterwards.

    My goodness… Such intimate personal things! 😊

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    • Laughing! I also use conditioner. It seems silly to spend a fortune on fluffy scented goo when for under a dollar I can have whatever scent I want!
      I admit, when I read my friend’s post on FB, I still can’t imagine cleaning out my nostrils with wax! Rouge hairs, yes…the whole kit and kaboodle?? Shudder!

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