Silly Stuff

I’ve been trying to craft this post on my iPad most of the day. I’d add a picture and if I tried to add anything else more, it would delete the picture! Very frustrating. So, I’m using the new WP. Also frustrating. Blogging should not be that difficult!

The first two pictures are from things learned and discovered in my house this week. (I’m also having trouble making the photos smaller as well as adding in italics. 😡😡😡)

This comic is one of my favorites. I’m pretty sure the artists have had cameras in my home since Strider lived with us. Zits!

I’m quite sure letting my mind wander is needed after this post! Or maybe I need some herbs to help me relax…

It’s after midnight on Tuesday morning. I’m only awake because of this post and encouraging the cats to sleep so The Craftsman can. We have several inches of new ❄️ snow ❄️, not everyone is as thrilled as I am! I keep wondering if we’ll get a petition handed to us to turn off the snow light in the yard. It is only a couple of gigantic snowflakes revolving on the house wall and it looks beautifully wintery. Every one else put up their winter decorations after Christmas was over. Exactly when I asked for these to be put out! The first week or two, we did get some nice comments on the display. Not so much now….

I made a cinnamon cake Monday afternoon, completely impressing Little Bear. He was fascinated by the blobs I dropped on the top cooking into the cake. (It was a cinnamon butter mixture I marbled in. Blobs is his word!) He also wanted me to make sure people knew not all the toasty crackers were as well done as the one pictured. They were actually not too bad! We both like fried cheese. When I was a kid, I’d go with my friend to her grandpa’s. He’d let us fry cheese on his kitchen stove. Perfect occupation for two 9 year olds! Question: Do you like fried cheese?

13 thoughts on “Silly Stuff

  1. I used to like cheese (it is addictive), but no longer eat it. Have been Vegan for three years now. Weirdly, I do not miss any of the foods you’d think. Now try to take my fruits and veggies away from me, and you’ll have me in full battle mode! 😁

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    • If I could find everything, I might not feel so grumpy! I was going to choose ‘Cat Nips’ for this last post and I can’t find that particular heading anymore! No matter, I will get it eventually!

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  2. 🤣Such a fun read although I feel bad for you on the new editor. Suggest you download an app called photo resizer to make pixels lesser and shrink the photo. Hope you will find it helpful, download it to your phone and use it 😃

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    • I had to laugh. The other day my spouse said, ‘I just read lavender is good to deter mice. I want to put some in the 56 Mercury.’ I went out and got my oil and his remark? ‘I was thinking of sprigs. Don’t you need to put that on something?’ I rolled my eyes. ‘Ummm, the snow is barely gone. My lavender isn’t going to be ready for harvest til a few more mice generations have grown. And this does quite well on a cotton ball!’ Silly man!!!

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