On the Range in February


A flat loaf. I am not entirely sure what is going on. I make dough all the time and the bread machine works quite well. The two times I’ve made bread, it fell! The picture is the loaf on end, because it looked better that way!!! I used new yeast and all the right ingredients, very odd. However, the taste was grand! Garlic cheesey bread. Or maybe onion…The smaller bits from the loaf made excellent croutons!

I also made a pie crust. I’ve had many people tell me to not use shortening in my cooking. I suppose I should use butter, it probably makes it just as flaky! Since I don’t make crusts often (Little Bear likes all pie, The Craftsman prefers  chocolate cream or coconut cream), I use the shortening. It was for a pumpkin pie and I was rather impressed with it! (I like be pie crust!) One time I was given lessons on the making of crust, it was a definitely different experience. A friend offered to teach me. Her crust was excellent and it was used in our church for communion bread! I don’t use her recipe because it makes 6 crusts, but it  was interesting.

The very best thing I discovered with this pie was a filling hack. (That phrase sounds gross!) I was all set to cook this thing and the crust was chilling in the fridge, when I discovered I’d not a single can of evaporated milk. Google to the rescue! I learned I could add 1 Tablespoon of cornstarch to the dry ingredients, substitute regular milk, and it would work. And it did! I always have cornstarch around, so goodbye evaporated milk.

I do enjoy learning new things. Sometimes they are hard and it may take a bit to get them in my brain, but I am thankful for the lessons. When I get them down, I have been known to improvise to try to improve them. Like adding lots more spices to my pie mixture. 😄😄

Off to the post, hugs and kitchen kisses!

13 thoughts on “On the Range in February

  1. I made Italian garlic bread the other day & my bread machine decided to do its own thing. I’m thinking it’s the new flour I’m using. It’s a different brand but both are all-purpose so I don’t know wtf. grrrr. Bread was edible but not something to put in a baking contest unless it was a contest for “most hideous loaf of bread that has the most potential for knocking someone out if thrown”.

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  2. You bake and cook beautifully Kris. We all have odd failures.

    Me… I am not allowed in the kitchen. My husband of 15 years is tyrannical about me doing no more than make coffee or tea. Not because I can’t cook, but because it is his domain!

    Actually, cooking for me has challenges that I would love to try out in the kitchen. I am a gluten free vegan (almost vegan) by choice and while he creates dishes for me, (he just throws things together), I would love to try some recipes. BUT we live on a boat that is constantly moving from place to place, we are together 24 hours per day and he is a control freak, so it is difficult to do anything like that without a big fight. People have said… “it must be wonderful to have a man wait on you hand and foot?” and then they flutter their eyes at him admiringly.
    It is wearing… I’d rather have a disaster or sucess that I had cooked from time to time. My husband says, “You can do that when I’m dead!” 😕
    At least the deflated bread is yours Kris… And still very tasty! ☺️🥖🍞


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