Catching Up


As many of you liked the post last Friday, you know I had a birthday. I made a roast in the crock pot and I frequently put it on high for an hour and turn it to low..this time, I forgot to turn it back to low. It was on high for several hours. (I‘m lucky it wasn’t more dry!) The gravy I made to go with it sputtered and I burned my finger (It wasn’t bad, I sat with it on ice through dinner and by the next day it was back to normal.). The bread I made was almost a disaster. About one hour left to go and Little Bear and I smelled smoke. I quickly removed the barely done loaf and found it must have been flour in the bottom of the contraption. I put the loaf back, but the damage was done. The darn thing fell a bit flat. (I just rolled my eyes at myself!) We ended the evening watching ‘The Greatest Showman‘. I’ve always wanted to see this and finally got the chance. Barnum had an amazing life and it astounds me what he is most remembered for didn’t even happen til he was in his 60’s!!!! (I also had purchased popcorn and somehow bought individual bags. Which wasn’t all bad. We each got our own!)

Saturday night we went out for dinner. Little Bear wanted to go to a certain Chinese Buffet that I can’t stand, but it was what he wanted. (Buffets often seem so dirty) We got home and watched ‘Groundhog’s Day‘. (I absolutely LOVE that movie.) Sunday, was church and football. I stayed in the kitchen during the afternoon and read and cooked. (My oven element could not be replaced quickly, so we had to order one to pick up on Tuesday! I was nervous, but soldiered on with the cooking. I did note the top element works better..) We had all sorts of finger foods for dinner.

Monday was Little Bear’s 25th birthday. It snowed (I always want snow for my birthday!!), I made a mess (that will be a forthcoming post), discovered a carrot Groot, and we had a bit of a party including the jukebox.

I’ve wanted to go outside, but Tuesday morning I was a bit worn out and no one really wanted to take me driving that evening.  I’m finally getting better, yet there are days when I feel every second of my 54 years. (I need to follow the advice of the above quote!) I love this month of February. It is full of amazing wonderful things, especially those of us who happen to rejoice in being an Aquarius!



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