Last week in January

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Not a lot has been happening lately. I did have a post for Monday and one for Wednesday, but I needed to go upstairs to type them on my laptop. And it was painful. I’ve been decidedly crippled in the right leg. Today is Wednesday night and I’m actually feeling fairly chipper getting caught up with life. I’ve been up and down the stair, I wrote up and mailed winter letters (not Christmas ones), made dinner, returned a library book, and found a light switch I’d forgotten. (It was rather silly. I literally forgot where the switch was for the basement light. When I “found” it again, I seriously rolled my eyes at myself.)

I did have another crazy dream. This one I awoke with a WTF?  There were the stairs again, but this took place in what may have been a department store. All around people were being infected and emitting an orange goo. The people were not zombies, not like the ones we know. The goo was the infectious substance and all it had to do was touch another person. Some gangs would throw it at people to infect them. One gang flipped the goo at people on plastic forks. They wore bright pink shirts reading Kate’s Cake Flippers and marched in sync. They also did handstands and cartwheels and then ended up back in line. The absolute oddest thing was a giant tv room playing a brand new episode of Star Trek the Next Generation. Both healthy and sick people carefully crowded the area and took sides on which captain was better. Picard or Kirk. My part of the dream was watching the activities like from above, avoiding goo, and climbing stairs hoping I’d not miss any of the episode! I didn’t choose a captain, but it would have been Picard.

Best Jean Luc Picard Meme captain picard star trek the next generation picard

I’m going to post this before I get distracted. There’s over 18 inches of snow that fell on my Alaskan house, my heating bill was over 650$, and I’m not going to get my passport. However, the Tustamena 200 happened (sled dog race) and the book I ordered for my birthday has been sent by the seller!

16 thoughts on “Last week in January

  1. Happy Birthday (hope I’m not too late sending wishes). 🎈🎂

    That dream was quite surreal. Orange goo… sounds like a metafor for having accusations stuck to a person once thrown. The Picard/Kirk choice sound like having to take sides, but you are running up stairs away from the stuff that might stick, and although wanting to keep an eye on things, not actually sharing your decision to pick ‘Picard.’ My guess is that it is symbolic of avoiding confrontation of some kind because you don’t want to be labelled for your current thoughts (which possibly might change).
    Don’t know if this resonates, but heck, that was quite the vivid dream. 😉

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