Health and Home

What a crazy world.  There are so many beautiful good things in it, I’m beyond more than thankful for those and hope they outweigh the harder bits! This last weekend has been full of both kinds. First, we got snow. You might not know this, but I absolutely LOVE snow. Because I’ve been sore, I couldn’t go outside and make a snowman. But, I wanted to!! It didn’t last long, which was ok. I needed to drive to my doctor and even with snow tires, I didn’t want anything to distract me.

Clip Art Snow

Although, something did. Before he left in the morning, The Craftsman told me I needed to put gas in the Escape when I reached the larger town. (And that he should have, when he had it on Friday) I’d not gotten very far from the town we live in when the yellow gas light indicator came on. I drove on prayers and fumes, luckily reaching the gas station before I was stranded. However, the gas station’s technology was down. (sometimes technology is NOT the brightest rock on the beach!) I was told 10 minutes, so I waited. Luckily, I’d left early and had some spare time. After my timer went off, I limped back to the station window to be told things were still down!! At this point I was slightly annoyed and on the edges of my window of spare time. I decided to keep praying. I got to my doctor’s office and called The Craftsman to tell him he might need to rescue me after my appointment. He then asked if the yellow light was on and was surprised at how far I’d driven. (I almost was annoyed at him, but he’s a mechanic and I’d actually talked to him the night before for quite a while about life stuff. He was a bit discombobulated!)

At the office, I almost fell asleep. I’m so tired all the time, although it wasn’t why I was there, so it wasn’t a topic. After meeting with the assistant and some poking (why do doctor sorts poke you to see if you hurt???) and discovering I did hurt, I was sent off for an x-ray. Not because it was needed, it was a just in case.  I was also told I need to elevate my leg. Apparently, even though the painful spot is higher, it is probably why my knee is sore after being on my leg all day. It is also probably why my right foot is a billion time colder than my left one at night. (She said the temp was only slightly cooler. I told her it wasn’t bedtime yet!) It is most likely why I limp more after sitting. Anyway, because I am upright, she said the pain would be lower the longer I was up. I’m not sure I understood it, but how on EARTH does one elevate a whole leg when there are things to do??? I’ll need to wait til after dinner is done and cleaned up.

After I was done there, I opted to put gas in the car before getting the x-ray. It was stuttering..(is that the right word??) as I drove up to the gas pump. (The funniest thing, The Craftsman passed me on my way to the station. He had decided to come and rescue me before I called for help!) The x-ray was interesting. It was of my right hip, which is somewhere in that padded bustle of mine!!! I’ll get the results later this week. I’m also going to call the eye doctor about my ‘dry eye. The eye drops don’t seem to be helping. I use them sometimes 8 or 9 times a day and it is often all crusty.

As I mentioned, I talked to The Craftsman for a while. I have learned to use better words (Not ‘you said’ and so forth), explained some of the things I might need instead of just want, and pretty much surprised him completely. Almost like a talking plant. (Audrey!!!) Hopefully, it wasn’t a horror moment. Although, part of what brought on my talking was how much help he’d given me on Sunday. Especially when I found the pork roast I’d set on a shelf to thaw had bled all over the fridge. (I NEVER EVER leave things to thaw in the fridge on a shelf!!) I cleaned up everything, then decided to clean the whole fridge because no need to do something half-assed. (I think my phrasing startled him, too!) The help was getting it all apart and I then needed assistance getting things back together. I had thanked him for the things he’d done, told him I wanted to order Little Bear’s birthday present (he wants some of CS Lewis’s non fiction and other works), and that I didn’t really have anything I wanted for mine when he asked. He was frustrated, which opened the door to my own flood gates of words.

Speaking of words, I finished a couple of vampire stories (I normally can’t stand vampire stories!). These authors are about the only exceptions to my dislike: Elizabeth Hunter is way very cool and I always enjoy Patrica Briggs. However, the oddest thing was a taser. In both books, recent publishings, there were vampires who were taken out momentarily by tasers. Startled by the coincidence, I realised how much easier a taser would be to carry and use than a stake. (and I wondered if the authors read each other….)

Vampire Movies Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock


5 thoughts on “Health and Home

  1. I’m glad you got that done and hope everything is okay with the hip, leg, and knee!
    Very lucky to have enough gas to last until you could get some. I would have been freaking out and screaming “Why didn’t you fill it up???” Lol


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