For tooth—


In June I had that interesting experience of a first root canal. The last day of December, the dentist here suggested it might be infected. So, he sent me to a root canal specialist. Today, I learned that the tooth with the root canal looked pretty good. He wasn’t surprised to see there was some swelling, apparently root canals can take a long time to get better. However, a tooth nearby has a crack. (It is number 12, the view is front and back of the tooth next to the one with the ‘black’ root which is missing.) I’m sad cuz that is the tooth that was ‘capped’ after mum died (the call I answered in the hall and when I came back in the room where 3 others were, she had gone). Dr. Todd wanted to address it asap, so it wouldn’t need a root canal done on it…


The specialist likened it to a ding in the windscreen. Once you get a mark in it, the window is compromised. You can mend it, cover it up, or even replace it eventually, but the damage has been done. So, he gave me a couple of options for the tooth in question. One, he could look into it and see if it was able to be taken care of. Two, I could get it removed and have a transplant put in. Three, the second one might happen after the first one anyway. He suggested not waiting too long as the tooth appears to be taking punishment from being used. (so, not sure if I can wait til I’m back in Alaska. You know, where the same ‘mechanic’ can fix the old problem? lol) However, as one root canal dr to another, he felt the one done was well done!

My immediate plan: I’m going to continue to take pain killers as needed and decide what to do without dental insurance. This is one of the few regrets I have about being north. I should have stood my ground about meals and not eaten so many containers of glucose tablets. I should have brushed or chewed sugar free gum after eating glucose tablets and refrained from too many caffeinated beverages. However, you can only go forward and I reckon I’m thankful my back hurts so much this week! At least it has cut down on the mouth pain a bit!!

14 thoughts on “For tooth—

  1. Ouch! Kris, I’ve had so much dental work. It costs way too much I know but you don’t have to be in pain. You could have it pulled as well. Much cheaper and a partial is cheaper than an implant to replace it. Just throwing ideas out!

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  2. I’ve had a lot of root canals and lots of crowns. I have poor teeth. Insurance in Australia doesn’t cover much of the fee charged by dentists. It’s an expensive business but I really want to keep my teeth for as long as possible.

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  3. Sorry about the pain. Tooth and back, talk about fighting fire with fire. Rest your back, but don’t wait too long on the tooth troubles. I had a lot of inexpensive work done some years ago from a dental college. Well supervised, no labor cost, just for the materials used.

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  4. You sound sore, in a lot of pain. Sending you healing💕 thoughts Kris.🌈💕
    Dentistry stuff sounds very expensive. You need to be out of pain though. Dental problems, especially infections, can have an overall bad effect on your health.
    Implants are very expensive and take six months of procedures to complete them. The alternative is a Bridge. A tooth that is anchored to the teeth to the side of it. I suppose it depends on how stable the root canal tooth is.

    I had a root canal done two years ago (and then it was crowned). Unfortunately the three pronged root had one bit that was very deep… The dentist could not get one tip of it out… He said that I would completely lose the tooth if he tried. So I was in mild discomfort for about a year. It has settled now, but I still have sensation in the tooth. (I have no idea if roots can regrow. I doubt it, but the root that is left is still alive I think. 😉

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