Meds and Mail

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I’ve never been afraid of medical drugs. I need them to stay alive. I’ve been wary of them, I understand they are necessary, and I use them when I have to. This week it was found I had an infection in the tooth I’d had the root canal in last summer. I was given a script for an antibiotic. I took my first dose on New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Day I slept a great deal and took more of the pretty turquoise caplets. By the end of the day, I noticed I had a sore throat with swelling and difficulty in swallowing. I figured I’d picked up some kind of bug in the few minutes I’d been out on New Year Day’s Eve. I was incredibly tired, but I had an infection. I think it was Wednesday I read over the drug information and decided not to take any more medication unless the doctor said it was ok. By Thursday morning, after more than 12 hours of no meds, I could almost swallow again. I reached the dentist’s office and they said not to take the rest. I agreed. So, now we are letting the infection take its course and we’ll see what happens next. I do have an appointment with a fancier dental person (one called an endodontist). I’ve already put several thousand into this darn tooth and I’m not sure what to do next. Do I have it pulled or pour in more money??? Ugh!!!!

Then, on Wednesday, I got mail. TONS of the stuff. I have three email addresses. Two I check often. One of those two is attached to this WP account. I hadn’t done much of anything online on Tuesday, so I figured there would be a few things needing checked. I was right, sort of.  There were 253 messages dating back to December 18! (Where on earth were they all that time? Is cyberspace so full around this time of year they couldn’t deliver them???) So, if someone sent me an electronic missive during that period, please excuse my lateness in responding. I also go a packet of forwarded snail mail. I had arranged the mail for mom’s Alaskan address to be sent to me here in Oregon. Every day I’d get one or two things. Well, I got a phone call last week from the post office lady in Alaska. It turned out that one of the workers wasn’t sorting and separating mom’s mail, she was sorting and stuffing it in her box, anyway. (The boxes for snowbirds-people who aren’t in AK over the winter–have a bit of paper over the opening so nothing is placed in the box.) The lady was apologetic and said she was mailing me an envelope. It arrived and was STUFFED. It also held bills, which explained a phone call I got that morning for mom. I hadn’t paid for her last ambulance runs and the company called to talk to her. Everyone has my number, but it was a bit disconcerting to get a call for someone needing to talk to mom. When I explained, the company waived the final bills. I almost cried, it was so kind!

2019 is starting off on an odd note! I also did a couple of those silly FB predictions. (Insert eye rolls!) It appears my word for this next year is Joy (I think that was the word I was given) because I’ll shed a lot of tears this next year, but all the hard work and sacrifices of last year will pay off in ways I can’t imagine. (I don’t know, I have a pretty good imagination…) In another one, it turns out this next year I will have change, a new love, my lucky day will be May 15 (National Chocolate Chip Day), my song for the year will be ‘It’s My Life‘ by Bon Jovi (I’ll take it...), and my quote for the year is ‘To be rich is not what you have in your account, but what you have in your heart.’ (which made me think I’m going to lose everything I’ve put in the Alaskan house and more, but since I don’t have much to start with, it won’t matter to lose what I could have had! lol)

It is a bit more selfish than what I learned from taking care of mom (to live every day and enjoy life while you can), but it is a GREAT dancing tune! Thank you YouTube!

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