It was a Meowy Christmas Cat Nips

’The trouble withcats is they’ve got no tact.’ Sir Philip Sydney

Usually, the tree has a train around it to play with and derail. This year, the locomotive and tracks were kept boxed. It was altogether a boring season for the cats. Briefly, Mittens was interested in the two trees, but that thrill was short lived in that there wasn’t anything to play with. Maxwell was completely concerned with keeping warm and fed. As for Moses, he was unimpressed with the fire call that pulled the kid from playing with Christmas presents. (Our firefighter is on the ladder in the smoke!) I may have scoured social media looking for updates, hoping Little Bear would be home for dinner, but Moses seemed quite content holding his place at the table. I do believe the striped feline was expecting to be served!

At least the December holiday was less stressful than New Year’s Day, no fireworks!

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