Naughty Cat Nips

So Tumpty tried hiding upside down, behind a pot plant, under a large cardboard box, with his eyes tightly closed.” Polly Dunbar


Moses was in trouble. Absolutely NOT on Santa’s nice list. He’d been bothering Maxwell and I was not happy. Maxwell T. Silverstone is getting better, the grey kitty is finally filling out a bit, and he sleeps a lot. However, Moses isn’t impressed that Maxwell is getting ‘treats’ and opted to spend some time growling and harassing Max as only a cat can. Maxwell was trying to get away and the two legger mom in me was annoyed beyond belief. So, as I investigated and tried to corral Moses, he hid.

Yup, I broke down in laughter. Kids, fur or otherwise, can be so silly sometimes! After I snapped the picture, I did smack his nose as best I could and looked to see if Maxwell was ok. I also mentioned that next time, he should find a better hiding spot.

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