“Stuff” that Happened

Little Bear suggested the title. It is apt. (he also told me to use the italics) He also told me we need to watch the movie ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ before watching the new ‘Mary Poppins’. (he said the former movie was like ‘Ground Hog Day’ meets ‘War of the Worlds’….yikes!) I did get to finally watch ‘The Last Jedi’ and was terribly amused. Full of cute aliens, but why in the Federation did those two kids (Rose and Fin) wander off on a jaunt across the galaxy in the middle of a desperate situation with no escape likely? Yes, I know why, but it was highly improbable even for a space fantasy!!!! (And ‘Star Wars’ is NOT science fiction and never has been.) I honestly didn’t realise who Poe was til the movie was almost over. His character definitely deteriorated after the first episode he was in. Little Bear remarked the only person who was left alive from the original cast at the end of this episode, had actually died. (YIKES!)  At least the movie was entertaining.


Maxwell is appearing to feel better. I’ve been pretty concerned, he isn’t interested in the wet food he used to devour or inhale. Today he’s finally curled up in a mostly hairless ball sleeping. Since he was trimmed, he has been sitting up sleeping. Like he’s afraid to relax. Poor baby. I keep thinking I need to go shopping in a thrift store for a preemie button up sweater for him. (he’d be so mortified! Named after spies and buttoned into a preemie sweater!! Perhaps I could find one in gray.) One of my FB friends sent me an Etsy link for a cat sweater made of angora. (is it proper to make a sweater for a feline from goat fur???)

The Craftsman’s boss decided I needed an Escape. (The Ford, not a vacation.) So the transaction was completed and we brought it home on Friday. It is blue with a sunroof and is about the same year as one I owned ages past. It has leather seats and many bells and whistles. (I have never actually chosen my own vehicle. I usually am asked to look over something appropriate and it is purchased. I did choose and buy a 10 speed when I was in college. It was later stolen!)  After my dad died, I was called in Alaska and Little Bear (he was pretty young) gleefully told me that dad got me a ‘new’ car. He wasn’t supposed to let the cat out of the bag, but alas. Small boys are not good secret holders and cats like bags as long as they are open. That was my white Ford Escort I’ve been driving ever since. When I got back from Alaska after those couple of weeks, my new to me Ford was detailed inside and out and perfect. This ‘new’ car hasn’t been detailed, but is fairly clean. I was hoping to drive it on Saturday, but forgot The Craftsman doesn’t like anyone else to drive when he’s in the car. (We were doing errands) Little Bear drove it home from the shop and it is now sitting in a row of Fords in the parking area of our house. I will make sure I get out with it next week.


OMGracious!!!! I just had Little Bear count all the Fords we own. It is almost the 12 Days of Christmas in cars! The odd ones: a 72 Hiboy (whatever that is!), the F600 flatbed, the 45 Burma Jeep, my dad’s 56 Mercury, and Grandma’s Taurus. The regular vehicles are 5 Escorts (2 are part rigs), 2 Broncos, 2 Explorers (one is for parts), 2 F250’s, 1 purple Ranger (it is soooo cute!), and then the 2002 Blue Escape. That is a LOT of Fords…..

I also got The Craftsman to look at beds on Saturday for a bit. I was hurting a great deal, so I didn’t do more than hold his jacket and hat as he reclined. (I was honestly afraid if I was down, I’d not be able to get up!) The one he likes the best is a little under 2 grand. He and Little Bear think the sale of my escort will cover a portion of that. (I’m entirely skeptical he’ll actually sell something.) I did learn, however, that mattresses are political. The company that sells the one he’s interested in is one of the bigger brands. Those brands do not go ‘on sale’ unless the manufacturer determines it. Apparently, a while back, mattress stores would have price wars to outsell each other and the manufacturer would lose out. Finally, this manufacturer put down (oooo, pun!) a blanket ruling and said it was their way or not at all. So, as prospective customers, we’ll wait til it is put on sale and keep an eye on the store signs!

I’ve been doing a spot of baking this last week. Two batches of snickerdoodles cuz the oatmeal chocolate chip butterscotch chip ones were about gone and brownies for a church luncheon. Brownies with a mint ‘frosting’ layer with chocolate melted on top. I might add sprinkles for fluff (I was annoyed I haven’t any holiday sprinkles when mum’s cupboard is FULL of them!!). We have lost a large limb off one of the locust trees in a wind storm and The Craftsman put up MORE Christmas lights, so in spite of the un Christmas like weather, it is looking bright and cheery out there.

black and white black and white christmas decoration

Photo by Thomas Brenac on Pexels.com

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  1. Good to see the blue oval. I’ve always had a thing for Fords. Deep down I like Mopar, but I’ve spent more time in a Ford of some sort. Now that Australia has no car manufacturing of its own we import Ford from the USA and GM from Europe. we get some Chrysler cars but not the Dodge muscle cars.

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