Blowing and Raining!!

When the kid came home for lunch on Tuesday, he said it was like being on the Oregon coast!! We have sideways rain today. Hoping all the lights outside stay in place. Inside it is warm and cozy..but I did forget the laundry detergent in one of the loads of washing I did. So, instead of 3 loads today, I’ll do four!!!! I’m a bit annoyed, I think the washer is missing a cycle. The cloth is soaking wet and needs respun. (is that the word I’m looking for??)

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Maxwell T. Silverstone went to the vet to have mats in his fur removed, that post should show up tomorrow in here. It was a long day for all of us! One good thing about his failing hearing is it is easier to transport him in the car now. He used to yowl all the time, now he’s not really aware of what is going on and is mildly upset, but not vocally so.

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking. I made lovely little biscuit bread calzone sorts of things and a pizza I was incredibly proud of!

I found out my MS doctor didn’t like how I’d missed so many appointments (I had made them from AK and since I didn’t return like I’d expected, I’d forget to cancel. I was a terrible patient. As a patient I have a responsibility to keep appointments or cancel in a timely manner.) I most likely will need to travel to see a new physician. (Thankfully, the days will be getting lighter in 10 days!!!!) The best bit of news, my mammogram came back clear. (I’m still smiling over that.)

My sister called me to tell me there hadn’t been any damage at the house from the earthquake or all the aftershocks. I said thank you for checking, and reminded her others had been out already, as I’d already told her.  (really! If I’d counted on her to check on things for me…..Completely rolling my eyes!!) She went out to the house to get mom’s bath chair for someone’s aunt who is coming to stay with that person. How come she couldn’t go out of her way to help mom or myself, but can for someone else? (OK…reminding myself not to count on anyone. Or not to count on many folks!! Also remembering Jake’s spots will always stay the same.)

Yesterday afternoon, Little Bear took me to pick up Maxwell and to go shopping. I snagged this shot of the sun on the hills as we drove into Washington. (on the maps, these are called the Blue Mountains. I call them hills)

20181210_160404 (2)

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