This and that-

Since arriving back in Oregon, I’ve been a bit out of sorts. I was so busy up north and now I’m cooking, cleaning, having few appointments for myself (mammogram on Wed morning),  and rarely shopping. It is definitely a different world. I need to reboot my personal space!! I don’t have the time to do what I’d like to do, mostly because I can’t do those things when I used to! I used to be a total night owl, I’d blog or write to people or do other online things then. Now, my hours between 330 pm and 7 am have people in them. Often I’ll be alone in the evening, but I never am exactly sure when! I’ve learned when they are home, I need to be as available as possible for their activities. Little Bear wants to show me things on the desktop (videos he’s made or something he’s doing) and The Craftsman is often doing something he’d like me to do as well. (usually watching movies, I have learned to fold laundry while the TV is on!) I have gotten almost caught up on previously released movies. (I’m eagerly awaiting Christmas. Aquaman opens in the theatres on the 21st and we decided it will be a family outing on Christmas day. Not sure about Mary Poppins, it is the 19th.)But, for the most part, I’ve seen the majority of the ones I’ve missed. I’d like to see Bohemian Rhapsody, but since that isn’t one the guys are wanting to watch, I reckon I’ll have to wait.

At any rate, my daytime hours are often free and I need to adjust myself to utilize those for my personal time. In between cooking and cleaning! (Speaking of which, I need to bake something else. Everything is gone from my previous bakings!)

Most of the house décor is on display, but not all of it.I realized I could not do it alone and The Craftsman sort of lost momentum after the living room garlands were hoisted into position. In a week or two,the tree will go up (probably a fake one. They are so much easier to clean up after!!!) along with those decorations. (mum sent us Hallmark ornaments every year for decades—29 years!—and the cat ones are now hung on hooks off of a shelf.) There are some real boughs here and there. I was a bit startled by the itty bitty flies who hitch hiked on the greens, but I reckon those are a part of the holiday territory! No matter, I do love decorating for different seasons. (I am a tad puzzled by the loss of my giant rag doll’s hat. She was up on a shelf in the dining room the entire time I was gone. Since moving to EO, she’s lost her boots and now her hat. It is a size 4 prairie costume with apron, dress, hat, and fabric minus the last two!She’s the doll in the closet right now.) I do have a lighted Christmas cat picture on order from Amazon. For some reason it was delivered to Houston, TX instead of Eastern Oregon. (Little Bear helped me discover where it had gone.) The seller was really nice and appears to have fixed it. We’ll see in another 10 days!!!

Outside isn’t my domain, but it looks rather grand. There are lights EVERYWHERE! The Craftsman made a pretty impressive tree from a bit of plywood, Little Bear was annoyed it wasn’t painted green before the bulbs were added. I agreed with The Craftsman…the kid should have done it himself! I was really annoyed when I found beautiful pointed stakes being pushed into the daffodil bulbs along the walk way. The stakes even have holes drilled in the top where tiny zip ties are threaded to go up and around the strings of lights.We had a bit of a discussion. I really hope the daffodils and narcissus and grape hyacinths come up in the spring, I was really looking forward to those next March! I have a great many plants in my yard from other people. I’m not entirely sure how they’ll transplant to Alaska if they have injuries…or if I take them……

Eye rolling!!!! One of The Craftsman’s gifts arrived. It was a secure package. Eventually, Little Bear managed to get the thoroughly wrapped thing out of the tape and brown paper. Confused, he said, ‘It reads ‘Patriot’s Early Cases.’ It is actually an Agatha Christie audio book. ‘Poirot’s Early Cases’. And when I copied and pasted the document for this post into the WordPress blog, almost every sentence had compound words. Words that should have not been!!! One of the books I”m reading  has this quote, “Magic for sure. First the letters themselves, precise in shape and order, then the interpretation into words and meaning and lastly the imagination engendered by the whole.” Mary Brown (Pigs Don’t Fly…but Dragons, do) That magic seems to work better when the interpretation is clear. 

9 thoughts on “This and that-

  1. You sent it to me here in Houston? 😂
    I am glad the package situation got fixed. It’s frustrating when that happens!
    Enjoy your free time and being with your family in the evenings. I hope everything between you and the Craftsman got better too (in the bedroom). Sounds like you are getting used to being back at home.

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