Beds, Dreams, and….

Trying the new ‘block’ whatever it is on WP. I am not liking it. But, like all updates, I reckon I’ll have to figure it out and get used to it. Whatever. 

I’ve been frustrated with several things lately. It isn’t a surprise that WP is adding to the annoyances! The closet in the master bedroom has a rod with The Craftsman’s things on it. (mine are elsewhere in the house) He moved a few things so I could have space on it, I hung up a single jean jacket and the rod has fallen twice! I sort of wonder if my doll has had anything to do with it (see the look on her face!)? She’s been a dining room decor for two years and has been relegated to the closet for December! 

The bed is where most of my frustration tends to lie…(is that right???). It isn’t as soft as I like and I miss having room to sprawl. I tend to prefer to be warm and the Craftsman likes few blankets. Or one single blanket! We have conceded to my preferences by adding a folded one and a polar fleece one on my side. (they tend to slide off when I cuddle under them shivering!) The cats are locked out of the room at night, so they love when he leaves in the morning and the door is open! (I used to have a sheet on the bed to keep the fur off of the blankets. I need to find it! I think it is in the closet with my doll!) 

The most frustrating thing about this bed is it is for sleeping and an occasional proper kiss. I know we need to figure out how to be a couple again and diving into sex is probably not where to start…but damn, I miss everything involved with the action! I was thinking about how The Craftsman is always tired all the time, how he thinks we need a new bed (he said the same thing about a computer and managed to side step my assertive pushes in that direction over Black  Friday deal days!), and I was trying to decide what wore out the bed. The simple math pushed me to sleep! If two people have 20 min of intimacy once a month for 10 months or so, that is about 200 min a year (give or take times when there may be more or much less activity). We have had this mattress for probably 15 years….I guess it has probably been used too much! 

I woke up several times this morning, I had another low last night. The dreams I had were disturbing. Almost every one was about a date or meeting that was set up and cancelled at the last minute. Incredibly depressing, but normal. Tomorrow night our family is supposed to attend a play. The kid wants to do something else, The Craftsman has the day off and is taking his mom to a lawyer in the morning to set up her will (she is in her mid 80’s), and he is often subject to headaches when things are planned and can’t go. Which is one reason I remain flexible when plans are made with anyone! I’ll just need to wait and see what happens and be content. 

I wanted to share the note my Diabetes physician wrote for me about changes or not changes in my health plan. She feels the lows may be from the move from Alaska to Oregon and the different sorts of stress I may be under. Basically, she wrote I may be interested in the Freestyle Libre glucose monitor (she was sad I am adamant I do NOT want an insulin pump!), she wants me to increase a med to two tablets and maybe three if I wasn’t better, and she is having me take a different ‘statin’ for cholesterol. I’m glad she wrote it down, it is an index card to save forever! (I love the bizarre penmanship!) 

9 thoughts on “Beds, Dreams, and….

  1. There is much to adjust to these days and much to figure out for the future. Time will give us the answers as always. In the meantime, we do the best we can. Sending a giant hug your way my friend. So much has changed and yet some things are the same. The path will reveal itself to you, keep your eyes open.

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