Toys! Cat Nips

“Life is more fun if you play games.”
― Roald Dahl

When I left Alaska, I had found Mittens absolute favorite green mouse toy under a throw rug. It was fairly flat, but smooshed back into mouse shape moderately well. I was going to give it to her, but then decided she might like it in her new home. I dropped it into a box I was having mailed and promptly forgot about it.

A week after our traumatic journey, Mittens was bored and playing with all sorts of things. I was cleaning and tossed her a couple of cat toys, which she treated with indifference. Then, I tossed her an army man (this is intriguing. My youngest is 24 years old and army men litter the house!). Oh my! She tossed that little green man around like Sid on Toy Story Later, Little Bear brought home a box from the PO and I told him what Mittens had done, he said Moses loves to toss them around, too. ! I could see a whole new scene with cats and toy soldiers!

When I opened the broken box, I discovered the mouse I’d packed. Mittens was thrilled! Eventually, she lost it. Little Bear later found it in his blankets. I think it was a very good idea I packed her toy and I believe it is helping her feel more comfortable in her new home.

Familiarity is a positive thing when big changes occur.

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