Piffle plus

I was going to discuss dishes from on the range, but life has dashed off like runaway horses. Not that I know what run away horses are like outside of a TV show or movie, but still. I did have fun on Thanksgiving. I made a spice cake (it was on Podman and Chirp’s anniversary), a stellar crust for a not so shabby punkin pie, and a delicious turkey and a few other meal accessories.

The next day was a trip to the ‘ranch’ (It is just a few miles away). The guys needed to put in watering troughs (called guzzlers) for birds. Very odd giant plastic contraptions. Little Bear said after they were finished that they looked like hunting blinds. If you have ever read the charming story called ‘The Fox Busters‘, you might think it resembles a blind, too!!!

On Tuesday, I went to the doctor and learned I am doing really well diabetically speaking. (I need to send her office a note to tell her of the rest of the day…) My A1C is 6.4, my thyroid is great, as are all the rest of my numbers. She updated a few of my meds, but we are going to pretty much let me get sorted to my Oregon lifestyle and then see where to go from there. I left the office feeling pretty good. I discovered the Sportsman Warehouse I was told about was right next door to a Bed, Bath, and Beyond and a Ross, (which I wasn’t told about) and found nothing I needed except a rug for the bath. It was less expensive at Ross, but I’d already purchased it at BB&B. On the way back to the house, I stopped at a Safeway. I should have gotten dinner, but thought I’d be home soon. Nope. BAD BAD BAD.

Cartoon Police Car Lowrider Car Pictures

I felt funny and was confused. I pulled over and drank a glucerna when I found out how low my glucose was. I was really puzzled by the Chevy behind me, I didn’t know why there was a car behind me when I was stopped. I pulled back out on the road was was super confused. Nothing looked familiar. There were Christmas lights on darkened houses and there was a sign saying the town I lived in was near, but it didn’t look right. I pulled over again and got out of my car when lights flashed behind me. The nice policeman didn’t let me drive to my house (which was just a couple of blocks away) after he told me where I was. The Craftsman was more than 18 miles away with Little Bear. I was at the mercy of the policeman. He drove me home in the backseat of his incredibly uncomfortable vehicle (I think all the comfort is in front!) that was COLD! Turns out the Chevy driver thought I was drunk and was keeping an eye on me til the police arrived. All in all, I made it safely to the house. I need to call my doctor and tell her about this low. I’ve had a lot of them lately. The Craftsman thinks it is cuz I’m not eating as many carbs, so I maybe need to lessen the amount of insulin I take. On the other hand, now I feel high from over treating and need to take a lot more insulin. Stupid roller coaster!!!! Sometimes I really hate this disease and being one of those One in Four who has a chronic illness.

Thankfully, there are mountains and sunsets in Eastern Oregon…not as cool as Alaskan ones, but still nice.

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