Thankful- Cat Nips

Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action. ~W.J. Cameron

Mittens has adjusted to a house of two older male cats better than the two older males have adjusted to her. Maxwell is definitely aging and meows very loud now, cuz he can’t hear himself. Moses hisses and growls, yet he’s not as aggressive as he was with Kila. Part of it might be Mittens maturity, too. She’s over 10 years old and we gained Kila at barely 3. Kila was never mature and enjoyed romping. Mittens, she tends to walk around Moses if he is being annoying. It is funny to watch her disdain. She has hissed a bit at Maxwell, but he can’t hear her anyway!

Both boys are glad to see the female two legger back. Or at least, they are glad to be able to snuggle up to a body after the house empties in the morning and visit with me outside! I’m not too sure they are keen on my giving out CBD drops at bedtime. Maxwell is much harder to dose, he needs it the most, too. Moses is, I think, becoming resigned to them. You can see both of those two hurt as they move. Aging is hell on both man and beast. I’m not putting the drops in their food. Maxwell refuses it and Moses mostly nibbles.

Oddly, the other night, I thought I heard something in the laundry room. I was sure of it when Moses looked up from where he was sleeping on my legs. Then, there was a crash and even Max looked up. I carefully tiptoed out to the laundry room and saw something had fallen, but there was no evidence of an intruder, other than the empty food dish on the floor. I’ve been told there is a neighbor cat who sometimes visits. I was talking to the eldest son at the time and he laughed. His comment between the cats about town? ‘Man, you gotta visit these guys. Cat nip is so old school, they’ve got better stuff in their canned food!’ I had to remind him that CBD oil is not hallucinogenic.

Cats and kids. Crazy adorable fools.

2 thoughts on “Thankful- Cat Nips

  1. Well, that’s a good thing for Maxwell with his hearing, he won’t hear Mittens bitchin’ or in this case hissin’…hey, you should get Maxwell a t-shirt that says “Quit your hissin’, Mitten”

    Neighborhood cat needs to start paying for his/her food. No freeloaders in your house! ❤

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