On the Range

Write it. Shoot it. Publish it, crochet it, saute it, whatever. MAKE.” Joss Wheadon

I’ve been busy in the kitchen the last days. I absolutely enjoy cooking. (I also like being taken out for meals, but that isn’t something that happens often.) This last week I’ve made so many tasty things. The cookies and cinnamon cake went over quite well. (I am getting ready to make PB Chocolate chip cookies next. I don’t have m&ms to toss in, but chocolate chips are basically a naked m&m, right??)


This meatloaf is one of my favorites and Little Bear keeps asking what I’m going to do with the leftovers. I’ve been eating them all by myself! (Being the mom doesn’t always mean I need to give up good things. Slowly learning this!) I must admit, I’ll put the rest on crackers with cheese melted on top as part of our dinner tonight. I prefer the loaf cold, but not everyone is partial to cold meats. (I wonder if the kid will insist on ketchup???) I know he did a spot of cooking while I was gone, his cookbook is well marked!!!


I’ve cooked a few things from this book, but it looks like Little Bear liked a few more recipes than I did!!!

The next couple of days include a blood draw and more shopping (first foray out on my own since my return to Oregon!). Because of the draw,  I am drinking tea and beverages with electrolytes. I’ve had a few really low lows, so that has been annoying. I stayed in bed late today. I love the mattress pad I purchased in 2016. Alas, The Craftsman says it hurts his hips. So much for memory foam. Thursday, while I am cooking, the guys will remove it from the bed and shrink wrap it for a future sale. It hasn’t been on the bed long at all and while it was there, nothing more happened than sleeping a few hours out of 24.

I have one dr appointment on Wednesday after my blood letting. I tried to make one with my MS doctor, but they said I needed an old patient referral. So, I had to call my primary doctor’s office to schedule a new patient appointment with a new physician because the previous primary doctor I used to have has moved. All this in order to get that referral! At least I will get to see my Diabetes doctor next week with no waffling around.

I’m looking forward to cooking for the holidays. Although, I asked to have the turkey put in the store room (we usually keep thawing birds in there as the temps are chilly, but not bad.). Unfortunately, the temps this week are in the low 30’s to 20’s. I finally brought it in the house to see if those temps might assist it in warming a bit! (the area it is in is still cold, but not as cold as the other room!)  I also have a roast in the sink. I think that will be tomorrow’s evening meal. We can snack on it on Thursday afternoon before the main meal. I forgot how much these guys actually eat!!!

I have gotten a bit more cleaned. Saturday is when I decorate for Christmas. So, I reckon I’ll do more cleaning as I get those things arranged. I’ll also see just what things are not needed and pass them on. I’ve gotten several things sorted and bagged to be donated. Not ones for this great idea. I am going to have to do this, especially next year when I go thru all of mom’s things.

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