Where did the time go?

I changed my ticket. I had to, I’m running out of time. It’s now for the Monday after next. The septic is finally fixed…we’ll see for how long. Security will be put on the house this week, we can’t use modern technology cuz mom is in the boondocks. So, thankfully, I’m glad I kept her landline! I’m not sure how I’m going to manage to keep things running the next months. It would be too difficult to empty things out now, though. It’s still too close for me, no matter what others think. The house is getting cleaned and I’ve decided I will never burn candles except on birthday cakes. Her bathroom walls, bath, toilets, window and what not was covered with sooty black crap. I have a picture, but I have trouble adding from the iPad.

Meanwhile, I’m sharing (PUN) a favorite artist and tune from YouTube. Enjoy!

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