For the Birds!-Cat Nips

“The noisy jay swoops by and reviles me, he complains of my meow and my malingering.” Henry N. Beard


I stopped to speak to a friend and found this stunning cat staring at the birds in a nearby yard. I poised my phone to take his photo and wasn’t able to capture it. I then realised I’d caught the attention of the owner of the house! So, being a cat person and a bird person, I went to speak to her. It wasn’t her cat, but she’d been feeding the birds and the youngster had been coming over from next door to check things out. While we were talking the cat jumped into the tree and poised perfectly. The beautiful two legger removed the gorgeous furbaby from the limb and held it gently until the owner’s daughter came to retrieve it. We were both a bit surprised, the daughter had an enormous dog and the cat was NOT impressed with the dog. He scratched the woman’s neck! The girl soon came back sans dog and took the feline. Crazy quick cat experience and the gaining of a new acquaintance! (The cat is named Klaus, from Vampire Diaries)


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