Moving On-Cat Nips

“As we count up the memories from one journey, we head off on another.” Hiro Arikawa

The last couple of months have been a bit difficult. Mum’s gone and I’m working on returning to Oregon for a bit. I’ve already furever homed her dog. The cat my youngest wants me to bring back. I took Mittens to the vet on Monday of this week to get her ready for her journey. It appears that the shots I was certain I’d taken care of in 2016 were not taken care of, so that was the first order of business. Actually, the first thing I needed to do was to get her in the cat carrier. Not a happy circumstance. Getting her to the vet was a trial, but she did get to meet her old friend, Obi. I think Obi was more excited than Mittens! (I was only able to get a back photo!) Mittens was updated in shots, checked over, and curled up in the weigh basket once the stressful bit of being caged was over. Her Alaskan vet is a phenomenal woman, delegating Mittens to a less stressful feline category. She did prescribe Gabapentin as a calming med for her and suggested not to feed or water her during the 12 hour journey. Mittens will be traveling in the cabin with me and as I was told by the woman who sold me the carrier (she’d previously worked for Delta Airlines), ‘What goes in, must come out.’ The vet then told me of a relation’s cat who ejects everything possible from each orifice when traveling, as well as screams. (I was grateful I had Mittens!)  Dr. Mary also told me the actual change in destination is harder on the cats than the travel.

Back in the carrier, Mittens once again objected and took it out on me. I tried to convince her the carrier was a good thing. She yowled an empathic, ‘NO!’ (the other two leggers in the office laughed.) Poor furkid. I apologized although, she didn’t seem to buy it. She did get in the carrier once we got home to get the snacks I’d tossed inside. But, the carrier was open. I think it is the enclosed experience she feels uncomfortable with. Cats don’t like being forced to be somewhere without an exit.


16 thoughts on “Moving On-Cat Nips

  1. Poor Mittens, vets and carriers were always a big problem with every cat I’ve had, they are not fans. Soon, Mittens will be able to settle into her new home with your family. I hope she settles well and enjoys her new environment. Good to hear you are going home too, Kris. Much love. xx

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  2. Oh poor Mittens (and poor you and all those scratches). I hope she travels well with you.

    I have never seen a cat that likes cat carriers. But they always seem to like card board boxes, and dark spaces. Take something that will cover her view out of the carrier (but not cut off her air supply) to help calm her down. Seeing any moving feet on the airplane might just freak her out.

    Good luck Kris! ❤️❤️❤️

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