Highs and Lows

Me. I’m beyond tired. I’ve not been eating much and my glucose is very low. I have another sore tooth, I’m trying to husband finances (word meaning is such an odd thing!), and tie up some loose ends. I’ve been dashing around doing mom things, but now is just waiting. There doesn’t appear to be enough caffeine out there to keep me awake! I’ve met some grand people who have shared how wonderful mom is and how, even in her prone position now, she’s still being a light to others.
Health care professionals and personnel. These people are the most amazing incredible people ever to walk the earth. I’m fairly certain most of them can also walk on water. They give and try new things and give more. Granted, there are times when communication is scarce. However, they often go above and beyond what their job may be.
Visitors. Mum’s door should be revolving! The nurses are surprised by how many people have come to see mum. It’s fun to have people from totally different places in mom’s life meet and find they have something in common. (For example, a young nurse from a local clinic stopping by and meeting her former school nurse)
Mum. She’s slowing down. Her body is finally taking a stand and telling her will it just can’t anymore. She has moments of clarity followed by dozing off. There are many tubes and gadgets keeping her alive and in comfort. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out in the bills. Comfort care doesn’t necessarily extend to more than medical aid for comfort, usually for pain. Mum’s got an oxygen mask over the NG tube, the PEG tube, and the pain meds. One of the picc lines isn’t working, but they can’t find a vein to replace it. Her glucose is dropping because she’s not able to take much in. IV glucose will just skyrocket her sugar and it’s all a dice roll.
Family. She’s talked to many people, she’s had a chance to talk to Princess (my older niece) and Strider. I’m not sure where Little Bear is, I’ll try to track him down when it gets dark and he’s more apt to be home. Her own sister is on the way. The sun came out this first day of fall, so it should be a lovely drive down from the city after they land. Hoping they rest on the plane trip, driving unfamiliar roads is daunting. Especially when tired. Mum apparently told Jake she was ready to go. In front of unrelated visitors. (Payback for Jake leaving a note under the salt cellar to let mum and dad know she was pregnant?) I’ve yet to speak to the kid.
Pets. Mum’s missed a great deal by her furkidz. Mittens is being annoying, but that’s just cat. (Stepping with claws out on my bare foot and throwing up on my clean bedclothes was a bit much, though.) Obi is becoming a bone. There is a couple who snowbird (travel from the states to Alaska for a portion of the year) and they keep wanting to spend money for different things for him (shots, grooming, etc). I’m often getting texts about how to go about certain things and they called his old vet to ask about shots. I know they want to help, but it’s frustrating. They really want him and originally that was going to happen. However, mum wants someone else to keep Obi. I have a signed and witnessed paper saying this now. (Pets are considered personal property to be divided in a divorce, so mum’s lawyer thought writing and signing and witnessing would be a good idea for at least Obi.) Mittens has several options for a next residence. She, of course, will land on her feet.
All in all, the highs and lows are balancing. Now, we continue to wait.


13 thoughts on “Highs and Lows

  1. Oh this is so familiar and it reminds me of when I first got here and we. Ever knew if we would see Mom another day. I have a picture like this and seeing yours ran chills down my spine. It is the feeling, the helplessness that is attached that makes it packed full of emotions.
    Thinking of you and sending love. You are not alone and Im right here with you. Xo

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