What’s in Your Cupboard?-Cat Nips

“If it’s about the strength, every big animal can catch any mouse… but the skillful brand of the cat makes it’s catch exceptional! Go, get the skills!” Israelmore Ayivor

This is another (I think) prompt by Ray. I was scrolling thru my emails and I saw something which may have been hers. It was to choose three things in a cupboard and write about them. Well, I remembered a post I put on my family blog eons ago about a mouse and Moses. In my cupboards. No matter where it came from, it was a perfect Cat Nips thought! So, here is a story about what was in my cupboard one fall evening.

I was in my kitchen and opened a drawer I had recently put clean dishcloths in. I noticed some candy nibbled to bits on top of those folded tidy towels. Angry, I emptied the drawer and shook the towels outside before dropping them in the wash. Moses, because I was in the cupboards and the food dish was also behind a door, was brought in the room. (Moses is rather fond of his dinner, but he is also fond of mice!) After a bit of kibble, he became interested in what else might be inside the cupboards.

I opened doors, emptied the drawers and shelves, basically turning my kitchen floor into a mine field of different sorts of containers. I was thankful much of the lower cupboard things were inside sealed tins and plastic. I didn’t need to throw out as much as I’d need to clean. (Sanitized wipes are very useful!)

We could see where the mouse had been running around. Behind the cupboards, in this house built in 1910, was a support for the new pretty cupboards. (These were put in before we purchased the house) They were attached to the wall of the original house, no sheetrock or anything. Just old walls with spotted wall paper and new cupboards. This small support board was perfect for a little mouse to dash along on, like an itty bitty high road. (I’d really like to know how those creatures who are FAT can move quickly and confidently in thin spaces.)

Eventually, the cowering wee beastie was found. It had dropped into one of my empty canning jars in the last cupboard and couldn’t get out. I’d like to say it was released, but we destroyed it. Because I didn’t want it to return and there is a proverb about where you find one mouse, many more are unseen. Moses was a bit put out he didn’t catch it himself, but I didn’t care. I was glad it wasn’t using my towels for picnics!  Little Bear decided it was getting boring after I got my kitchen tidy again, so he hid one of the cat toys for me to find. Kids! (I did look at my family blog and noticed at the end of the paragraphs, I had noted that three mice were caught that night!)


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