Cat on a Hot Front Porch- Cat Nips

This is in response to a post Raynotbradbury shared. I think I am going to try to show the scene from Max’s point of view. Granted, this idea is full of hubris. I’m not sure is it possible for a two legger to even deign to try to imagine what a cat might be thinking, but I’m going to give it my best shot. Little Bear (speaking of shots) took a series of photos of Max and Moses one July afternoon in 2017. I’ll use the ones of Max since Little Bear edited the open mouth one, and it is a fun picture.


“The front porch is a perfect place to reside. It is made of old, worn, wood, and relatively cool when the sun moves away, plus it is right off a main street in the town. The sidewalk is used by two leggers of various sizes, as well as other cats, and those noxious creatures known as dog. Moses is the younger cat, I let him hiss and spit. I am a master of disguise and will only extend my teeth and claws when necessary, hence my name. I have the sacred ‘M’ on my forehead and since my soft coat blends in with everything, the two legger female gave me three names. Maxwell (for some TV private detective who worked with a tall lady named 99), T (for Mr. T, who was, I’m told, sweet and didn’t mess around. A bit like myself!), and then Silverstone (for my coloring and another TV private detective who was a kid). Because of my low profile, I allow Moses to play the heavy. (Actually, he is heavy, but that is because his nose is in our kibble more often than not. I’ve heard him called ‘big boned’, but really his bones are pretty much the same size as mine, they just hold a lot more!)

Anyway, the two of us were lounging on the porch when the youngest two legger in the family showed up with a camera. Moses doesn’t mind photographs. He’s pawparazzi bait. I prefer to be overlooked, but when that kid shows up with a camera, nothing is sacred. Not even a nap! I even yawned at him and he turned it into a raving beast face!

Thankfully, he is as sturdy for a young two legger male as Moses is for a feline and being prone is not entirely comfortable for him. He finally heaved himself up and off the porch to leave us alone. He did pet us thoroughly, before he left. (We started training him when he was about 8, that was many years ago. Except for the camera, he’s ok for a two legger) However, we were relieved to see him go inside the house.

It was a quiet, warm afternoon, and we continued our naps, melting into the wood”.


6 thoughts on “Cat on a Hot Front Porch- Cat Nips

  1. This is such an awesome post! OMGoodness! “Started training him around 8…” LMFAO
    You should make short story books like this. Or make an entire separate blog with just stories like this from 4 leggers points of view. I so needed this chuckle this morning. ❤
    Hope all is well with you & mum.


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