Bedtime for Krisco

When I was in High School one of my best friends was nicknamed Blondie, I became The Krisco Kid. My Texan neighbor in EO used to call me Krisco and I miss her very much. (She, too, was being looked after by a daughter) Anyway, I’m tired and in a little while it will be bedtime for this girl!

It was a very long day of waiting and watching. Watching monitors, mom, and the clock. I ate breakfast when Pip came to visit mom and then hauled me away for a meal. LC was one of those many people I’d texted and not texted. She got her text way late in the day and since she was volunteering at the hospital anyway, she also came to visit and then dragged me off for an early dinner. It was right after that mom had a blowout. Which I took care of while nurses hovered and were actually impressed. (I thought it was kind of funny, being surrounded by health care professionals, but I got it done) Hard on the heels of that experience, mom was moved to her room.


Unfortunately, her pain pump seemed to be an issue. Because I had forgotten the whole remote (I just brought the main piece and left the wire part at home—see photo) device, it was determined mom should get shots every two hours or so. But, they needed the sheet the doctor made about how much each bolus is. I was instructed to hurry and get the pages to send to the pharmacy and they were closing right now. The hospital is now a maze and I needed to get from one end to the other and back. I rushed and walked and even jogged. I got it to the destination, but I was hot and exhausted. One of the interesting things I learned from the things the hospital admitting person needed was mom’s weight. In April she was 116 and on the scales today, she was 107.8. She has been steadily losing weight, but no one has really noticed cuz the records people keep are not weekly like mine.

I finally left the hospital at 730. Mom looked tons better than she did when we arrived at 530. Those who had greeted her at the end of their shift and came back on as mom was transferred, also noticed a change. It appears the IV for dehydration was a good thing. We need to wait on the blockage information.

I had one stop to make because I needed a new cord for my iPad. It was one of the several things I had planned to do on Wednesday. When I connect the cord to the iPad, it often says it is not charging. I looked this issue up online and read it was an iPad issue. Since both the iPad and the cords were gifts (from different dear ones), I decided to try to replace the cord first. I’m pretty sure it is a cord issue cuz sometimes it does charge and if I am not careful and I bump the cord, it tells me the accessory is not supported by the device. I also bought a frozen treat.


Dear Julie, I know you advocate this treat, so I decided to try it. It is very smooth. It is easy to eat. It looks divine. Yet, it lacks something. I ate the whole pint and didn’t need to take very much insulin and probably took too much, because I was skeptical. From my first bite to the last, the treat seemed like it was missing something. I’m not sure if I’ll purchase it again. It was absolutely guilt free, it did seem like a shake, and I’m not sure why I didn’t like it more. I’m pretty sure the peanut butter one might taste better, if I ate peanuts, I’d try it! It is probably a taste that grow on one. I’m glad I tried it. J Kris.

I got back to moms and the dog had NOT messed anywhere, thanks to the neighbors who let him out! Both animals were upset mom wasn’t with me. I was too tired. The Craftsman had tried to call while I was out of service. (I had not taken any charging things with me this morning, I didn’t think I’d need them! Both my phone and the ipad were on last bits of battery!!!) I was kind of frustrated with him. We sent the pictured texts, I probably should have contacted him more. But, Strider and so many others reached out with words of that nature or even less!


I called him back and missed him, he called me and our phone tag was over. (NOTE: did you know the word TAG means ‘touch and go’????) He asked what was going on, so I told him. I abbreviated my posts on Around the Korner, but was thorough. When I was done, there was silence and then he said, ‘It’s just been hot here.’ He didn’t say anything about what I had done or how I was holding up. He did hope I slept well tonight and said he loved me when we hung up after 15 minutes. I was just so confused.

Obi is so lonely. (I understand this, but his is an easier fix!) I stole a leaf from SSC’s tree and searched for a music station for the pup. He’s listening to 50’s music. I seriously thought about stopping on ‘Hogan’s’ Heroes’, but well, he’s a dachshund and I wasn’t sure what his reaction might be….he is such a barking sort of dog, anyway!

OK, Krisco Kid is going to let out the dog, brush her teeth, braid her hair, and then crawl into bed. I’ll call the hospital in the morning, but if the doctor goes on rounds before 7, I’m not going to be there!!!!!!!

girl sleeping with her brown plush toy

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7 thoughts on “Bedtime for Krisco

  1. Glad the neighbors are helping out and hope you are asleep right now!
    I agree about the ice cream missing something, I think it’s sugar! Hehehe
    Still, when you can’t have regular ice cream for whatever reason, this helps!

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  2. Sweetheart, I get the impression you are going through a lot and you are doing it all on your own and it must be hard. I get the impression you are thoroughly amazing too. I cannot imagine how difficult it has been dealing with your mom’s needs and managing all the complicated arrangements and details. My heart goes out to you, may you find some peace and stillness and strength amongst it all and feel the love being sent to you by all those people who are hearing your story and sending their energy and support, of which I am one. My love is with you, Kris. xx

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