Podman told me Wednesday was National Merry go Round Day. I absolutely get this. Awakened Gentleman quipped it was Misery go Round Day. I think they are both right. I’m tap typing this on my iPad, because we are back in the ER.
Remember my last post I said I was going to check mum? Well, I did and she was ok. Sleeping fitfully, but ok. I went to my room to change into jammies and heard noise on the baby monitor. I ran upstairs to see she’d thrown up all over the bathroom floor…ok, most of the floor. I called the ER doctor and asked for advice. He was upset she hadn’t responded better and suggested she come back. I was totally on board with that. Mum was less so. I cleaned the bathroom and she finally decided she’d better return to the hospital. So, I called the ambulance again and most of the same people come out. Since not much had changed in 6 or so hours, no one needed copies of anything. As we got closer to the hospital, I had to laugh. It was raining quite a bit and one of the businesses had their UGS system going! (Underground sprinkler)
The doctor was gong off duty, but he talked to the new one. She is checking mum for all kinds of things. So far, it appears there is a problem of some sort in her small intestine. I laughed to myself when the X-ray tech came in. He talks louder to mum, like she’s hard of hearing. He also said they would give her a contrast later to light up her pancreas, spleen, gall bladder, and other organs. I told him the first three were gone, so they better not light up!
I did get to give her insulin. The syringe was cool. It had a long needle, but when I pushed the plunger, it popped into the syringe! I almost stopped breathing cuz I thought it had gone inside her body! And the nurse was watching. 😳😳😳
So, this is where we are at 8 am on Wednesday. At least the merry go round is a gentle ride and not like a roller coaster. Wonder what the gold ring will do? I’ve been awake more than 24 hours now. (I did nap between 5 and 1030 on Tuesday, not sleeping. Dozing off and on.) Maybe the ring will put me to sleep, but I’m sure I’ll wake up more like Rip Van Winkle than Briar Rose! 😂😂

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